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August 9, 2003  |  Tags:   |  

appropriately enough, been downloading (and leeching off eek’s downloads of) a whole bunch of local songs, since i’ve been back in singapore. it’s odd remembering all these tunes from 4-6 years ago as though the times at stanford were just these fleeting (albeit drunkenly and confusingly fleeting) dreams. fell asleep one night september 1999, woke up again august 2003 with a random amount of stuff and generally not feeling altogether very different. i’m hanging out with the same group of friends i always was, going to the same places as before, even the elevator on the left still has that harder-to-push “close door” button than the others.

i wish i could find that concave scream album i used to have.

werk werk

August 5, 2003  |  Tags:   |  

instant fame!

ST article on

well, not quite, but it did increase the site‘s traffic 30-fold. not bad. and i get to play with databases and php a bit in the next few weeks of freedom i have left.

sifting through old stuff, it becomes painfully apparent how much attachment i used to put on the most mindless junk. i probably still do, but four years of moving house at stanford (on, what, seven separate occasions i’ve had to clear out my room?), throwing things away has begun to give me some kind of inexplicable diabolical glee. the type where you go “tee hee hee!” and then randomly throw things out of the room, and then get yelled at by your mother.

it’s good to be back, i think.