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July 13, 2004  |  Tags:

There goes a rather blissful week-long break (last Tuesday to today, discounting Saturday spent at the National Stadium).

What have I accomplished in this time?
– Eaten a lot of chocolate. Oops.
– Met up with some of those skolah-types I’d lost touch with for a couple of months. From what they say, the civil service sounds nasty as all hell. Can’t wait. Also drank again for the first time in… a year? When did I become so dry?
– Rediscovered my distaste for driving in Singapore. What happened to wanting to get in my car for a peaceful drive around the area to work off some stress? Nowadays the thought of driving is enough to stress me out to want to, umm, go for a peaceful drive to work off some stress. Quandary alert.
– Sent Powerbook for repair, again. Thank goodness for 3-year AppleCare Protection Plan and the damned cool-looking hard drive enclosure now with all my data backed up in a 160GB drive (nevermind goodness, thanks Steve for that).

Albums I’m listening to:

Details, Frou Frou:
Can’t get enough of that song, “Let Go,” from the Garden State soundtrack. Which is probably my next most anticipated movie of the year after Spider-Man 2 (and maybe right before Harold & Kumar, but man, they’ll never release a stoner flick here).
The Hour of Bewilderbeast, Badly Drawn Boy
From the dude who did the oh-so-pretty About A Boy soundtrack. Maybe it’s just the feelings and the company at the time, but I’d never enjoyed a soundtrack to a Hugh Grant movie more.
Seed, Afro Celts
On Mal’s recommendation. Apparently mixes “Irish music, dance floor grooves, West African percussion, and the kora” ( defines kora as “Water cock. A large gallinule (Gallicrex cristatus) native of Australia, India, and the East Indies. In the breeding season the male is black and has a fleshy red caruncle, or horn, on the top of its head.” I guess whether music comes from chickens isn’t important when the stuff is so listenable.

While editing this my dad’s Compaq laptop decided to do the exact same crashy-mash thing as the PowerBook I’d just sent in, except with the more familiar blue screen of death instead of “You need to reboot your computer” in four languages. Maybe it’s me.