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July 15, 2004  |  Tags:

Again with the links:

MediaCorp to restrict use of hostage footage in news coverage []

Great. Singaporean media subversion. I’m not a fan of watching beheadings or anything, but… doing this because they do not “want to help extremists further their cause?” I mean, sure, the Philippines giving in to the terrorists’ hostage demands sets a nasty example for other potential kidnappers, but it did also (presumably) save the life of one man through popular pressure.

Then again, that’s two separate issues, the second of which is much less clear-cut. The censorship, however, reeks of political agenda… but what doesn’t here?

On duty today. Highlight of the day was reading two years’ worth of Hitman, that ultraviolent DC series by Garth Ennis and John McCrea. The military references actually make a bit more sense now then before, no surprises there. Still some of the best stuff I’ve read in ages. Also no surprise there. Where the hell are my other issues?!