NE Show

July 17, 2004  |  Tags:

I have a particular colleague whose blog, amusing grammatical nonsensicality aside, consists of a lot of “sianzz i hate NDP sigh hehe sianzz… lol i hate SIS… Y mi sianZ.” Which gets pretty annoying to read (though he doesn’t do that whole alternate upper- and lower-case letter tHiNgIe, that pisses me off ultimately), but I bear with it for the hilarious grammar.

Uh, anyway, today got NDP NE Show. sigh sianzz i hate ndp, etc.

Actually it was great. As horrendously cynical as I can be about NDP and the nationalist propaganda they feed us during the show (the oh-so-dramatic-sounding “peace has been our bosom friend for too long” (see note 1) Wings To Soar (note 2) bit takes the cake), but today there was a stadium full of happy 11-year old kids obviously having a great time watching the show. And there’s really not much cynicism you can generate out of hearing laughing excited kids enjoying themselves.

Anyway, the Garden State trailer gives and gives. The latest album/artiste I’ve tried because I watched the movie’s internet trailer is Give Up, by The Postal Service. The song from the soundtrack is “Such Great Heights” which I can’t get enough of. The rest of the album’s looking good too, yay — it’s a very listenable electronic pop beat, like a lighter Fischerspooner but with hauntingly poetic lyrics.

Meef, so tired though.

Note 1: I was thinking I could do a better voice-over, until I remembered that line and realised I’d degenerate into giggling fits whenever I said it, so I guess not.

Note 2: Am I not supposed to talk about this before the actual day? Well, ha!