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July 26, 2004  |  Tags:

Just a year ago, I was in San Diego with Yidong and Logan (tee hee) at Comic-Con International, soaking in the distinctly fanboyish excitement of my very first major comics convention (Oakland a couple of years prior was comparatively minuscule).

Browsing through this year’s Eisner Award nominees, I came across some interesting stuff. But first, a crappy photo I took from last year’s Eisner Awards…

Best Short Story: I love Gaiman’s work and all, but I haven’t read anything quite as amazing as Derek Kirk Kim’s Same Difference. Maybe it’s the drawings of the Bay Area or that the story starts out in a pho restaurant bringing back the deluge of college-year memories. Read the Time review of the book, or see for yourself at

Best Serialised Story: I wish I’d read Greg Rucka’s work (or, for that matter, the only thing not written by Brian Michael Bendis nor Rucka). But I thought both stories were well-deserving of the nomination (the final Alias arc, and the Daredevil one where he beats the living shit out of everyone who pissed him off).

Best Continuing Series: I like 100 Bullets and all, but any story that makes me re-read every single collection up to the latest story each time I buy a new graphic novel has some serious overplotting issues. Though that’s really not a bad thing.

Best Limited Series: Very surprisingly impressed by Arrowsmith (Kurt Busiek, Carlos Pacheco) and Superman: Red Son (Mark Millar, Dave Johnson/Andrew Robinson) this year.

Best Graphic Album – New: Oooh Blankets. And Persepolis. And others I’ve yet to be able to afford. Yay.

Best Graphic Album – Reprint: To the bastard(s) who bought Palomar before I could get it on discount at Kino — you bastards!!

Best Penciller/Inker or Team: Holy shit, Tan Eng Huat? The dude’s from Malaysia, so major representation props for Southeast Asian comics. Love his style, though really not as much as, say, John Cassaday’s.

Enough comics geekness for today, I think. Goodnight.