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Songs for August

August 31, 2004  |  Tags:   |  

Almost forgot.

– A.M. 180, Grandaddy
– Everybody’s Changing, Keane
– Fair, Remy Zero
– Hewlett’s Daughter, Grandaddy
– High Cost of Living, Watchmen
– Hold On, Jet
– Hurt, Johnny Cash
– I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You, Colin Hay
– Know Your Onion!, The Shins
– Lady Picture Show, Stone Temple Pilots
– Let’s Get Loud, J-Lo
– Look What You’ve Done, Jet
– Nonphenomenal Lineage, Grandaddy
– Nothing Better, The Postal Service
– One of These Things First, Nick Drake
– Pressed in a Book, The Shins
– The Sound of Settling, Death Cab for Cutie

new imacs!

August 31, 2004  |  Tags: ,   |  


now if only i were earning USD, $1899 really isn’t too much to pay for a 20″ version with 160GB hard drive and DVD burner…

what a fool

August 30, 2004  |  Tags:   |  

Repeat to self: working for an incompetent builds character.

Some form of particularly murderous character, but character-building nonetheless.

I do, of course, suffer from a tendency to always think I’m in the right, but this fool isn’t even worth the impartial self-reflection, or even some rude name-calling. Poo-poo on him, that stupid motherfucker. Uh, oops.

Anyway, on a brighter note, I actually got an invite for Skinner’s wedding in October! Though it’s ever so slightly crumpled by USPS Airmail on its journey from Florida. Can’t make it, of course, but all the very best to her and Adam.

Graphic Novel Implosion

August 29, 2004  |  Tags:   |  

Because of the occasional Kinokuniya 20% sale and their relatively ridiculous prices on graphic novels from the major publishers (Marvel, DC at 1.5x the US$ price – 20% = 1.2x! OMFG), there are occasional weekends when I end up splurging over $200 on graphic novels. Anyway, a selection of those from the National Day weekend sale:

Cover images from, which kindly gave me a link to “POLO RALPH LAUREN The Ultimate Cotton Sweater” when I tried to find the cover image for Ultimate X-Men: New Mutants. Hmm. Kinda bleh comic anyway.

Empire, Mark Waid and Barry Kitson
Chilling stuff, but not as chilling as how I left the book lying around and now the back cover’s been folded in half thereby damaging my nice paperback. The horror!!!
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Part 2, Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill
Better than the first, I thought, which is pretty impressive. The usual clever references which I don’t get, too, so I can look them up on the internet and feel smart about knowing what random literary trivia Alan Moore is teasing us with this time.
Less Than Heroes, David Yurkovich
I’d been eyeing this one for a while based on the glowing reviews on the blurb (by Warrren Ellis, no less!), but… I don’t know. After the great start with the over-snacking non-heroes (or, umm, less-than-heroes), I thought it just lost its way somewhat. Also I was annoyed that the artist drew military officers with humongous chevrons on their uniforms — bleh, poor research. Not that I’d have noticed if I’d read this, say, 6 years ago before enlisting.
Powers: The Sellouts, Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming
Read it before, still worth the re-buy. Story’s a bit decompressed but… it’s Bendis, man.


August 28, 2004  |  Tags:   |  

(11:53:31) eektertainment: gee
(11:56:32) popbrained: gee?
(11:56:45) eektertainment: STOP QUESTIONING GEE
(11:56:49) popbrained: sorry

only on duty

August 28, 2004  |  Tags:   |  

Yeesh, stuck in camp because of some duty screwup. Ah well, not like I’d be doing anything other than sitting in front of a computer at home anyway.

Once again, viewer discretion is advised:

(10:49:16) eektertainment: gee
(10:49:22) eektertainment: i feel so unworthy
(10:49:26) popbrained: yeah
(10:49:31) popbrained: you’re such a Quitter
(10:49:39) eektertainment: you’re such a stayer
(10:49:52) popbrained: Buffy the Vampire Stayer
(10:50:05) eektertainment: gee
(10:50:34) popbrained: gee?
(10:50:40) eektertainment: gee whiz golly
(10:50:46) popbrained: good gosh
(10:50:56) eektertainment: great googaly moogaly
(10:52:17) eektertainment: poo poo bananas i can’t find a tracklist for erratic anywhar
(10:58:59) eektertainment: it’s bakmala
(11:00:04) popbrained: yay
(11:00:15) eektertainment: he’s so sexual
(11:00:22) popbrained: sexual cowdinosaur
(11:00:28) popbrained: and flexibutticks
(11:00:46) eektertainment: gee
(11:01:36) popbrained: gee?
(11:02:48) eektertainment: big boobs mcgee
(11:03:08) popbrained: whoooaaa
(11:03:18) eektertainment: dude
(11:03:53) popbrained: yay harold and kumar is opening
(11:05:03) eektertainment: have you seen shaun yet
(11:05:20) popbrained: wong?
(11:05:43) eektertainment: who?
(11:06:34) popbrained: shaun wong
(11:06:35) popbrained: yknow
(11:06:38) popbrained: he of fattox fame
(11:06:42) eektertainment: oh that kid
(11:06:43) eektertainment: no no
(11:06:47) eektertainment: i mean the british shaun
(11:06:49) popbrained: oh
(11:06:51) eektertainment: with the zombies and shite
(11:06:51) popbrained: of the dead
(11:06:54) popbrained: i downloaded it
(11:06:56) eektertainment: yeah that thing
(11:07:04) popbrained: i’ll watch it sometime i guess
(11:07:43) eektertainment: gee
(11:09:15) popbrained: gee?
(11:09:34) eektertainment: genome research
(11:09:36) popbrained: you’re so Fatty McFatsaLot
(11:09:41) popbrained: where’s bakmalla
(11:09:42) eektertainment: man
(11:09:50) eektertainment: you’re so hurtful and not-watching-shaun-yet
(11:10:25) popbrained: well i’m in kamp d00d
(11:10:40) eektertainment: but it’s a five day work weak
(11:11:40) popbrained: not yet
(11:13:04) eektertainment: gee
(11:13:11) eektertainment: they’re so teasey mcweenie
(11:13:57) popbrained: yeah sizzeriously
(11:14:13) eektertainment: we should Protest
(11:14:16) eektertainment: Reformasi
(11:17:27) popbrained: well now that
(11:17:28) popbrained: i eman
(11:17:32) popbrained: i mean, i mean
(11:17:34) popbrained: now what
(11:17:37) eektertainment: you’re so mean
(11:17:38) popbrained: oops
(11:17:45) eektertainment: i weep at night because of you
(11:17:54) popbrained: oh
(11:17:56) popbrained: woohoo
(11:18:03) popbrained: if this conversation gets more ridiculous i’m posting it
(11:18:15) eektertainment: tim said you posted the last one
(11:18:21) eektertainment: you’re so sneaky mcfreaky
(11:18:26) popbrained: but i warned you
(11:18:42) popbrained: that’s more warny mc… umm.. swarny
(11:18:51) eektertainment: but you didn’t even warn me where to post it
(11:19:01) eektertainment: i mean where you were going to post it
(11:19:18) popbrained: i did too
(11:19:19) popbrained: didnt i
(11:19:29) eektertainment: i dunno
(11:19:34) eektertainment: it’s not on your old webpage
(11:19:40) popbrained: what old webpage
(11:19:55) eektertainment: the thing you salvaged and linked to me
(11:20:00) eektertainment: with all your old rant mcpants
(11:20:25) popbrained: oh that mcfat
(11:20:40) eektertainment: where’s bakmala
(11:21:02) popbrained: i dunno
(11:21:07) popbrained: he said he had a lot of beer
(11:21:08) popbrained: root beer
(11:21:09) eektertainment: where’s johnny for that matter
(11:21:15) popbrained: i dunno
(11:21:18) popbrained: everyone’s ignoring us
(11:21:23) popbrained: it’s your fault


August 22, 2004  |  Tags:   |  

Once again, in the realm of “it’ll be all over the news tomorrow, but…”, we finally have the announcement of the five-day work week.

Our dear Prime Minster did have to take an ass-long time getting to it, though. After the relatively short Malay and Mandarin segments, followed by repeating various components of each in the English segment, followed by a vaguely promising lead-up (“too much work to want to have kids,” at which point I SMSed Hansen “holy shit”), followed by a five-minute tirade against e-mail (“Is he giving a five-day work week or banning e-mail?”), then bam! And the crucial words, “including the Army and schools.” Yay!

Anyway, time to sleep and face the new (shortened) week.

annoyances and disappointment

August 22, 2004  |  Tags:   |  

The former over recent developments at work (listen, fools, you might be able to effect change with no good reason just because of the nature of military structure and regimentation, but it’ll do you no good whatsoever to live out your infantile power fantasies but remain floundering for some real respect), and the latter over our country’s Olympians’ dashed hopes (one can only imagine how crushed — though hopefully unbroken — the spirit can be after such hopes and subsequent disappointments; nonetheless, the determination warms the heart).

Anyway, powerless as I am over any of these developments, I can fix the one thing that’s been missing from my life for a couple of months now — the MIW ORD countdown timer. For some reason, all disruptees receive a “your record is not in our database” error when we log in to check how many more days we have till (perceived) freedom. So I guess we have to use our own, see right.

From the counter, I’m almost 2/3 of the way there! As for where, I really got no clue.

drunken bear news

August 19, 2004  |  Tags:   |  

Wow. This is beyond common nonsensicality:

Bear guzzles 36 beers, passes out []

With thanks to Kirk for the link. Highly amused.

books from the first half of 04

August 17, 2004  |  Tags:   |  

New category again, this time books (and more often, graphic novels) i’ve read with all that ridiculous amount of free time i get thanks to the SAF.

First, to catch up with some books from earlier this year. There’s really no way I’ll be able to remember the two bajillion graphic novels I tore through in half a year, so let’s give up on that for now.

  • The Virgin Suicides, Jeffrey Eugenides
  • Norwegian Wood, Haruki Murakami
  • Salmon of Doubt, Douglas Adams
  • The Wind-up Bird Chronicle, Haruki Murakami
  • The Big Time, Fritz Leiber
  • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, Mark Haddon
  • One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, Aleksander Solzhenitsyn
  • Naomi, Junichiro Tanizaki
  • Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency
  • Summerland, Michael Chabon
  • Slaughterhouse-Five, Kurt Vonnegut

Mostly recommendations from Jess (Murakami, Vonnegut, Solzhenitsyn) or books I’d bought before going to the US and really never got around to reading. Also, mostly books with “The” in the titles a lot. Especially that Mark Haddon one.

Amusingly, someone from work borrowed a Murakami book (Wild Sheep Chase, I think) and returned it pretty quickly having given up because it was too confusing. Yay for confusion!