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March 24, 2005  |  Tags:

Actually, last week. But no matter.

I also bought Paul Pope’s 100%, but every search of his name on Amazon gives me something by the Pope, so I give up on linking that. Haven’t read it yet anyway.

“Conan Volume 1: The Frost Giant’s Daughter And Other Stories” (Kurt Busiek)
Barbarians! How can you go wrong with barbarians? Oh, and that beautiful Cary Nord art.

“Ultimate Galactus Vol. 1: Nightmare” (Warren Ellis)
I don’t understand why critics everywhere have been jumping all over Ellis for his decompressed storytelling style here. Sure, we all know what the big mystery is about (it says so right there in the title: GALACTUS, EATER OF WORLDS, sans EATER OF WORLDS), but it still reads very well, and I found the pacing just right for the kind of sci-fi horror story Ellis is so successful at disturbing our fragile psyches with. Trevor Hairsine does a half-decent job of imitating Bryan Hitch for the art, and Steve Epting turns in a great fill-in issue. I quite enjoyed this.