Sketches This Week

March 24, 2005  |  Tags:

Maybe I should archive my (more presentable) sketches instead of throwing them away…

Anyway, yesterday I was at the SAF Wargaming Centre to play the world’s most boring Real-Time Strategy game. This was mainly because it took “Real-Time” to new levels of realism; the bloody icons took an hour to move a few pixels. Aaargh! Mind-numbing boredom!

Thank goodness for the sketchbook (and a two-hour canteen break with TTK, coincidentally in the opposing force). However, only one sketch interested me enough to keep it, other than sketches for the community service logo I’m designing (ML, do you know how embarrassing it is to draw hearts all over my sketchbook for ideas?! In public, among Army people?! Stupid design requirements).


Various (very rough) concept sketches for a possible comic strip, done in a half-working pen because my boss stole my good one. Hmph.