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Bites the dust

April 25, 2005  |  Tags:   |  

Goodbye, caustic.soda, to the awe-inspiring legal powers of He Who Must Not Be Named For Fear Of Threat Of Massive Litigation (I’ve edited any previous references to him in this blog to reflect his new unnameable status).

Off we go

April 23, 2005  |  Tags:   |  

Back in a month. I can’t stay off the internet even if I tried, so I’ll probably end up posting something during my 13-hour stopover in Seoul. It’ll be nice to have some quiet time, I guess — which reminds me, where are my Sennheiser noise-cancelling headphones?! Just one of an alarmingly large number of things I keep forgetting to pack.

What passes off as work these days

April 23, 2005  |  Tags:   |  

I recently took on the job to refresh the Stanford Alumni Association of Singapore’s webpage. For three-day rushed work, I think it turned out alright… I hear there are problems on IE5, but aghh. Fuck that.

Before: old site Not hideous, but not to my liking either. The old designers used frames and had the most annoying machine-coded HTML I’ve ever had to contend with. But the people who hired me just wanted to transplant the old site onto the new server, so less work for me at the time.

After: new site Without mentioning the obvious ripoff of the actual school website’s logo elements (the imitation was specifically requested), the main design elements were adapted from Minima Plus. And now it’s running WordPress 1.5, which makes posting announcements and archival so much easier.

Comics This Week

April 23, 2005  |  Tags:   |  

Oof, busy week… some of the comics I bought last week (I spent close to a hundred dollars! But definitely well worth it). Many more catching-up posts today before I fly. But first, speaking of flying:

“Flight Volume 1” (Various)

“Flight Volume 2” (Various)
Very pretty stuff by many indie webcomic creators, who each contribute short stories (averaging six pages) sometimes thematically linked to the concept of flight. Cliche as it sounds, rather uplifting stuff. And the art! Ohh the drool-worthy art. I’ve only finished the first volume, and thoroughly enjoyed it all, except maybe the bits that didn’t make sense. Or less than usual, anyway. Even then, the art was still pretty beyond words, and shouldn’t that be what comics are about? I’m saving volume 2 for the flight (appropriately enough). Sample artwork and wallpapers can be found at the official Flight Comics website.

“DC: The New Frontier, Vol. 2” (Darwyn Cooke)
The first volume didn’t impress me much, probably because it was setup material for the mind-blowing awesomeness of this second (of two) volumes. The story, appreciated in its entirety, reminds me of James Robinson’s “The Golden Age” — in fact, it feels very much like a logical successor to that ten-year old work. Cooke writes about the transition of the DC universe after the Golden Age of comics (without all that continuity and modern-updating and Crisis on Infinite Monkeys nonsense), meticulously crafting a loving tribute to the Silver Age through a tangled web of subplots and intrigue. The cartoonish (“simplistic” to some) art that is Cooke’s signature style works well, I thought — clean, fluid and carrying the story effortlessly. Apparently, Cooke spent close to five years on this project. Every minute of attention shines through the pages.

Goodbye, Soul

April 21, 2005  |  Tags:   |  

See you in five years and two months (or so).

Briefly, briefly

April 21, 2005  |  Tags:   |  

Peter David has a list of Top Ten Rejected Names for the New Pope. I like #10: Pope George Ringo.

I know, haven’t been posting much. And when I do, it’s just links, nothing with any real content. Busy busy. Flying Saturday (30 hour flight + transit, fun fun!), been going to camp a few times to apply for early ORD, signing my soul away tomorrow at MOE, finished a complete overhaul of some website in three days (good for some spending money while travelling, I suppose), designs designs designs (if those go through, could even be good for the cost of the flight), grandparents selling property and needing someone who can read English to look at boring contracts, etc.

Note I haven’t packed. Nor planned the trip at all.


April 18, 2005  |  Tags:   |  

The announcement on the casino(s) certainly didn’t come as a shock to anybody.

But this piece of breaking news definitely made me sit up and go “Whu?!?!”:

Adobe to acquire Macromedia in $3.4 billion deal

Again: Whu?!?!

Unfortunate Headlines This Week

April 17, 2005  |  Tags:   |  

The story’s funny enough — woman throws garden gnome at burglar, chases him away — but the headline is mind-blowingly awesome. – Woman beats off burglar with gnome – Apr 15, 2005

Suicidal Forum Letter Writers This Week

April 14, 2005  |  Tags:   |  

Die lah. Some idiots actually wrote in to argue against Assoc Prof Lee Wei Ling’s forum letter to the Straits Times yesterday, where she wrote about how the operation on the Nepalese twins was a mistake. Sure, it might have had a tinge (a very gentle one, I add as disclaimer) of eugenics, umm, high genetic standards, but who are we to criticise?

Fast forward to today. From the ST Forum RSS feed:

Giving hope and saving lives can’t be a mistake
“I REFER to Associate Professor Lee Wei Ling’s letter, ‘ ‘Successful’ operation was a mistake’ (ST, April 13). I disagree that the operation to save the lives of the Nepalese twins was a ‘mistake’.”

Should the disabled be rejected by society?
“I AM appalled at Associate Professor Lee Wei Ling’s views on the operation conducted on the Nepalese twins.”

Wah lau, what’s wrong with you people? Disagree? Apalled?! You know who her father is or not?! Let the infamous Jamie Han educate you in these two videos: [1] [2] (courtesy of Bean, byebye bandwidth).

Burning bright

April 13, 2005  |  Tags:   |  

So they finally went and announced Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger, due for release April 29. I only found out while browsing Yahoo! News and wondering, why would “Apple set to release upgrade to Mac OS X” be front page technology news?, before I read the article and subsequently got reduced to over-excited convulsions.

Looking forward to:

  • Smart folders for Address Book. This way, instead of manually sorting address book entries into folders, I could, say, specify a smart folder with “all phone numbers with area code 650” to lump most of my friends in the Bay Area into one folder.
  • Smart folders for My current rules do the job well enough when categorising e-mails, but smart folders would allow for a certain e-mail to exist within different folders (just like in Gmail labels).
  • iSync compatibility with the newest phones (specifically Series 60 using SyncML). Another excuse to upgrade my phone.
  • Safari RSS. I like NewsFire very much for reading most newsfeeds, but being able to distil all the information on any crowded but RSS-enabled page (that I wouldn’t want crowding up my NewsFire feeds) would be perfect. No more stupid ads and gratuitous flash graphics while scanning ESPN. Also, Safari 2 has that RSS “detection button” feature that I miss when switching from Firefox.
  • Dashboard widgets. The widgets for dictionary, iTunes, weather, translator, address book, calendar and the unit converter all look potentially useful.
  • Scientific / graphing calculator. Oooooh.

The best part? With the trip to the Bay Area coming up, I can get a copy for US$69 at school (S$248 here, S$148 educational). Woohoo!