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Aiyah, wasted

June 22, 2006  |  Tags:   |  

Reading just the first line of this headline on my STI widget got me all excited for nothing —

Picture 1-2

Aiyah, just “free net porn” would’ve been great.

Wocka Podcasts

June 21, 2006  |  Tags:   |  

No punchline, just amusing-looking. It’s part of a teaser graphic I’ve been doing for an organisation’s events.


The wocka’s an old character I’ve been using on and off for more than a decade… some old stuff here (2005), here (2002, I think), and here (1999?).

Yes and Nooooo

June 19, 2006  |  Tags:   |  

I’ve been a bit busy designing other stuff (like the redesigned main stupidchicken page and things that actually make money), even though I have quite a few Chicken comic concepts lying around. Meanwhile…

YES: USB Teddy-bear (via Engadget)

Teddy Usb Big

NOOOOO: The end of an era (via one N. Phelps)


Metalchicken vs Curiously Large Electromagnet

June 5, 2006  |  Tags:   |  


You know it’s powerful because of the wavy power lines. OoOOooh, wavy power lines.

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