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Sing To The Rubbish Flash Site

August 31, 2008  |  Tags:   |  

Saw Wall-E last night (every bit as awesome as I had read), and was exposed to the trailer for what could be a terrifyingly bad local 3D production, Sing To The Dawn.

Picture 1.png

I looked up the official website hoping to find something to make fun of, and MDA certainly didn’t want to disappoint here.

Check out the horrible font choices, nigh-unreadable text size and colour contrast, the hilarious combination of drop-shadow AND outer-glow text effects on the main title, and the amazing playable “background music” involving screeching monkeys and a low-quality version of the (admittedly very melodious) theme song that builds up to a rousing climax and… stops. Even the standard Flash video controls on the trailer are mysteriously ginormous and pixelated. Aargh my eyes.

Well done, US Patent Office

August 30, 2008  |  Tags:   |  

The world is as stupid as ever. Huzzah!

No, Seriously: Microsoft Patents Page Up & Page Down – GigaOM

Elite Education

August 20, 2008  |  Tags:   |  

The American Scholar – The Disadvantages of an Elite Education – By William Deresiewicz

So when students get to college, they hear a couple of speeches telling them to ask the big questions, and when they graduate, they hear a couple more speeches telling them to ask the big questions. And in between, they spend four years taking courses that train them to ask the little questions — specialized courses, taught by specialized professors, aimed at specialized students. […] We are slouching, even at elite schools, toward a glorified form of vocational training.
What does it mean to go to school at a place where you’re never alone? Well, one of them said, I do feel uncomfortable sitting in my room by myself. Even when I have to write a paper, I do it at a friend’s. That same day, as it happened, another student gave a presentation on Emerson’s essay on friendship. Emerson says, he reported, that one of the purposes of friendship is to equip you for solitude. As I was asking my students what they thought that meant, one of them interrupted to say, wait a second, why do you need solitude in the first place? What can you do by yourself that you can’t do with a friend?