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New chickens

December 20, 2008  |  Tags:   |  

New stupidchicken entries over the last two weeks — managed to be quite consistent with the Wednesday + Saturday updates so far. 

Somewhat disturbing: new colleague I only just met immediately asked if I was responsible for, then accused me of having too much free time. True on both counts, but yikes.

WordPress Mu upgrade issues

December 11, 2008  |  Tags: , , , , ,   |  

Earlier this year, I set up a multi-user blog server using WordPress Mu for my workplace, with the very useful WPMU-LDAP plugin to authenticate against our Exchange server (after a lot of guesswork with the LDAP settings). I found the setup tremendously useful to serve my class webpages from, especially since my students were always seated in front of computers.

I tried upgrading from version 1.3.3 to 1.5.1 once, but found that the admin panel was horribly, horribly slow after the upgrade. Besides, this was during the school term and we needed the blogs to be running for some classes, so I reverted back to the old version.

Earlier today, in a fit of productivity, I attempted the upgrade again. This time, I tried going straight from 1.3.3 to the latest* 2.6.5, following instructions on the (surprisingly hard to Google) upgrade page. Copied in the files, logged in as admin, everything at normal speed, hooray! Re-enabled LDAP plugin, logged in with my personal account… and the admin panel was slow as molasses again. Graaargh.

Thankfully, this time I managed to find some information online — it was this topic, and the realisation that new blogs being created had much faster-loading admin panels than the old ones, that finally clued me in to the solution. Here goes.

If you’re upgrading from WordPress Mu 1.3.x and your admin panel is slow:

  • First, check if you’ve done the auto-upgrade process (Site Admin, Upgrade).
  • As the admin user, go to the backend for any given old blog (Site Admin, Blogs, click on Backend). It should be slow.
  • Try creating a new blog, and assign it to any user. This should be fast.
  • Go back to Site Admin, Blogs, and copy the link for Backend.
  • Paste it into the browser window, and append upgrade.php behind it, and load that page. This is the individual upgrade page for that blog.
  • Click “Continue” to let it upgrade, then try going to the backend page again — this blog should be ok now.
  • If that works, you’d have to do this manually for all your blogs, and might want to consider writing some kind of script to do so. I did it manually for my relatively small blog network.
  • You can save a step by appending upgrade.php?step=1&backto= to the backend URL instead, as this is the link on the “Continue” button.

For some reason, something was broken in the auto-upgrade script, preventing any of the upgrade scripts from actually happening (and failing without errors!). This method calls the upgrade script individually for each blog.

I hope that helps someone (and maybe my successors… who I should apologise to for having set up a self-hosted blog server and then running away, oops).

  • “Latest” as in “latest until two minutes after I finished installing, at which point 2.7 was released”. Gah! Seriously, WordPress, what the hell?!


December 10, 2008  |  Tags:   |  

After nearly two years of procrastination and three days of mindless fiddling with the functionally impressive but stylistically inelegant ComicPress… it’s finally, finally ready. I can’t describe how relieved I am.

Presenting stupidchicken: a webcomic about a chicken yelling at things. 

I’ll try to update every week (and I’ll link from here).


December 6, 2008  |  Tags:   |  

Displeased, originally uploaded by yjsoon.