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New chickens, April – May

May 29, 2009  |  Tags: ,   |  

I seem to be averaging five comics a month, which is not quite twice-weekly but not too shabby I guess. Also, working in some longer-term plot points, but don’t hold out for a coherent storyline or anything.

Links, Week 21

May 23, 2009  |  Tags:   |  

I like meaningless metrics of time.

Metal Plant

May 20, 2009  |  Tags:   |  

Metal Plant, originally uploaded by yjsoon.

Taken while waiting at Novena. I’m quite enjoying the camera effects programs on my iPhone — so far, I’ve bought Camera Bag, Cool FX and Photogene. I generally use one or two per photo, but I’ve found each to be useful in its own way.


May 19, 2009  |  Tags:   |  

Some things that came to my attention lately. I’ll try and post a few more on occasion.

  • What The Trend: Twitter trends, explained. Please stop coming up with stupid hashtags (also: decrying the death of mainstream media everytime you “scoop” a news organisation).
  • IE6 Update: Help kill IE6 with an IE6-like information bar. Tempting.
  • Designing Convertbot: So pretty.

Chicken in the City

May 18, 2009  |  Tags: ,   |  

Chicken in the City, originally uploaded by yjsoon.


Photo credit – jnwn. Edited with CameraBag for iPhone. Not entirely related to the stupidchicken webcomic.

Back to the classroom

May 9, 2009  |  Tags: ,   |  

The old workplace, originally uploaded by yjsoon.

My friends and I are teaching a programming class for Sec 1 and 2 Infocomm Club kids back at the old workplace / alma mater.

I miss teaching. This helps a little.