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Obligatory Snow Leopard mention

August 30, 2009  |  Tags:   |  

From the tumblr account:


Also, I like that Snow Leopard doesn’t call screenshots “Screenshot X.png” any more – now they’re timestamped.

Fixing iPhone sync error 13019

August 30, 2009  |  Tags:   |  

I tried syncing my iPhone yesterday, and got an “unable to sync, error 13019” error message.

Some quick googling landed me on this Apple support page (Error 13019 during sync), which recommended de-selecting syncing voice memos and trying to sync again. If that failed (yup), de-select syncing music to try again (failed). Then videos, podcasts, etc. until a successful sync could be performed. All of this failed, so the page recommended I “attempt to sync an empty iTunes music library to the device while logged in as a new admin user”. Ugh! No!

What eventually worked for me: looking through the Voice Memos app, finding 8 of the same voice memo, deleting them all then syncing. Hmph.


August 19, 2009  |  Tags:   |  

I’ve created a new page on the blog that shows where else on the internets* I’ve been hanging around. Take a look here.

  • Yes, I actually have trouble saying “the internet” any more. Damn you, internets!


August 19, 2009  |  Tags:   |  

sigint is a “forum for conversations about startups and technology among hackers in Singapore”, started by an old friend.

Initial posts were somewhat general tech-centric, so I didn’t quite see the need for this (as opposed to, say, checking its inspiration Hacker News regularly). However, now that the community’s grown a little, I’m actually beginning to see some really interesting local tech and startup news show up on the site. Promising.