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New Chickens, September 09 to January 10

February 25, 2010  |  Tags: ,   |  

So, er, oops. I sort of forgot to continue linking to my stupidchicken comic from September last year. Go check it out – it almost has some semblance of a coherent storyline going on! Remember, I said almost.

Anyway, here’s what’s gone on since I last posted. Personal favourites have a star (or rectangle, depending on your browser) next to them.



Stupidchicken has Twitter and Facebook accounts which you can follow. If you know any friends who might be fans of bizarre cannibalistic chickens, please spread the word! Thanks!

Casin Zero

February 17, 2010  |  Tags:   |  


Passed by the casino, sorry, casin0, the other day on the way to a concert. Either they hired a leet-speaking gamer to do their typography, or WAH LAU EH YOU THINK I DONCH KNOW YOU ANYHOWLY ADD ONE JEERO THERE TRY TO POK KAI ME WHILE I PLAYING THINK I NEBER NOTICE ISIT!!!!

Delicious stylus

February 11, 2010  |  Tags:   |  

Damn it, Apple, look what you’ve done with your capacitive touch screens.

It’s as though they want me to quit

February 8, 2010  |  Tags:   |  

They blocked the World Nutella Day website at work. You heartless bastards!

What a thoroughly awesome cartoon.

February 5, 2010  |  Tags:   |