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Links from last week

April 20, 2010  |  Tags:   |  

Another week, another bunch of links from the tumblog. Does anyone use that term any more? Am I that out of touch? Sob.

  • Conversations with Kelvin: My friend Kelvin and I used to have the strangest conversations on IM. I’ll sift out the more amusing ones and post them semi-regularly. (“Used to” because I barely go on IM any more nowadays.)
  • Time Zones: A useful and cleverly visualised web app.
  • Prime Baby: Gene Luen Yang, who gave us American Born Chinese, did this charming little comic about a kid and his baby sister who babbles in prime numbers. Slightly bizarre, very readable, and oddly available in 18 4-MB PDF files. (Remember to read Chapter 1 first, and not the conclusion chapter that’s at the top.)
  • The Alot: The alot is an imaginary creature the author made up to feel better about grammatical errors. Very funny.
  • Virtual Shackles: A very entertaining webcomic about (so far) tech and/or gaming. I cracked up at Phenomenal Cosmic Power, Fog of War and this one about Scrabble on the iPad. That’s three out of the six I first read, which is pretty remarkable.

Links from last week

April 14, 2010  |  Tags:   |  

Compiled from the tumblr link blog. Working on automating this process a little.

Blogging and bookmarking tools

April 6, 2010  |  Tags: ,   |  

I’ve made some recent changes to my choices of online platforms and software.

For linkblogging, I’ve moved back from Posterous to Tumblr. I really like Posterous for its cross-posting convenience, but it got a bit too stressful figuring out what I wanted to cross-post and where. This post isn’t that funny – what if my online friends judge me?!, I’d think to myself. Tumblr, on the other hand, really is friction-free, and not having to think of a title for each post makes me more willing to share what I’m enjoying. (One day I might get around to integrating all this content back into one blog, but it’s low on the projects-I-know-I’ll-never-get-around-to list.)

For online bookmarking, I’m switching from Delicious to Pinboard. I can’t quite remember exactly why I switched, but the automatic add-from-Instapaper and add-from-Twitter features could have tipped me over. However, I can now no longer tell people to check out my “delicious links”, which is a pity.

For desktop bookmarking, I’ve started using Delibar for one major feature it has over Pukka: recommended tags for bookmarks. During the Delibar trial, I clicked on the header for “recommended” by accident and all the tags were populated, and I passed out from sheer delight. Delibar supports both Delicious and Pinboard (as does Pukka).

Finally, I’ve moved my Flash-hating from this blog (“Your Flash Site is Useless to Me”, or YFSIUTM) to a dedicated site called Die, Flash, Die!. It was nice having a Senseless Acronym For Which I Had The Only Result on Google (one might call that, say, SAFWIHTOROGcomeon comeon you spiders!), but I thought all this hatred for Flash could be better served by a single-purpose site.