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Woman throws cat in trash can (WTF), unaware that she’s being filmed. Video gets posted on the internet, 4chan notices and proceeds to out her and ruin her life. She’s now under police protection.

Update: Revenge!

Boing Boing asked Jake Adelstein, a crime beat reporter in Japan, to ask the Yakuza to review the video game Yakuza 3.

S: You got your salaryman in there, the delinquent school girl and her sugar daddy, Chinese people, and even those Nigerian touts. What’s with all the fucking gaijin (foreigners) in the area anyway? It used to be just Japanese, Koreans and Chinese.

M: Don’t say gaijin. Say Gaikokujin. It’s more polite. Jake’s a gaijin.

S: Yeah, I forget sometimes. What’s with all the fucking gaikokujin in Kabukicho anyway?

The rest of the interview is equally amusing.

War Pig

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War Pig

More iPad paintings. This is fun.

Devour uses a “scientifically technologically artificially intelligently awesomely robotically humanly system” (hand-picking) to sift out brilliant YouTube videos, presented in HD. Bonus: no need to see all those YouTube comments.

A light-hearted poke at the fuss around Wired’s “The Web Is Dead” article.

(via MG Siegler.)

Iron Smiley

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Iron Smiley

Done with ArtStudio for iPad.


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Chicken drawing

Done with ArtStudio for iPad. My fingers were kinda numb by the end of it, though.

  Fata Morgana →  August 6

Google Maps without the map. Much more fascinating than it sounds. (Fata what?)


JavaScript Blacklist is a simple extension for Safari 5 which blacklists scripts from a configurable list of domains. If a common “utility” script used by sites that you visit is annoying you, this will let you opt out quickly and easily.

Gruber linked to this a couple of months ago, but it was kinda crashy at the time. Seems to work fine now with Safari 5.0.1. The plugin comes pre-configured to block several particularly annoying sites:

  • – copy-paste ambushing (see “Tynt, the Copy/Paste Jerks”)
  • – green double-underline link ads (I added parent company too, for good measure)
  • – pop-up link previews

I added a few more to improve my web experience:

  • – annoying smileys on Mashable (they’re still there, but at least the pop-ups don’t expand much now)
  •, – sharing toolbars
  • – the meebo toolbar which enables “drag and share”. I’m a bit sad about having to do this to a company founded by Stanford CS grads, and I do love their core service… but ah well.
  • – More double-underline link ads
  • And some from this list.

There’s a version for Chrome, too.

(Updated 10 August 2010 with Kontera.)

Originally published in Esquire magazine in October 1971, this long but utterly riveting article describes “phone phreaking” — what we now call “hacking”, but applied to telephone lines. I wonder if, in 40 years, people will find computer/internet hacking just as fascinating and outdated.

(Apparently, Jobs and Woz were big on phone phreaking before they founded Apple.)