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One robot’s journey.

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  How does food rot? →  September 27

Fascinating and disgusting. “Oh look, they’ve attacked the fish, too! That’s really cool!”

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What made it click for me was programming in anger. Programming because I needed to. Programming because I gave a damn about what I was writing and I wanted it done sooner rather than later.

Makes sense. When I’m teaching programming, though, how do I get my students to this stage?

Intel’s latest chips require $50 to unlock caching and hyperthreading support.

Boingboing calls this “if value, then right” – “when you buy a movie to watch in your living room, we’re only selling you the right to see it in your living room. Sending the same show upstairs to watch in your bedroom has value, and if it has value, we should be able to charge money for it.”

Under the “If value, then right” theory, you don’t own anything you buy. You are a mere licensor, entitled to extract only the value that your vendor has deigned to provide you with. The matchbook is to light birthday candles, not to fix a wobbly table. The toilet roll is to hold the paper, not to use in a craft project. “If value, then right,” is a business model that relies on all the innovation taking place in large corporate labs, with none of it happening at the lab in your kitchen, or in your skull. It’s a business model that says only companies can have the absolute right of property, and the rest of us are mere tenants.


Over the last 36 hours or so, the ‘Anonymous’ masses and many unaffiliated sympathizers joined forces to attack the MPAA’s website. Continuing with ‘Operation Payback’, today an attack will be launched on the RIAA. The ultimate in decentralized protests will go ahead and there’s not a lawyer or police force in the world who can do anything about it. Is this the protest of the future?

They’re still down, at time of writing.

(Also, I just realised that the title of this post barely makes any sense.)

The DF-Style Linked List WordPress plugin I was working on before is now available on the main WordPress plugins directory. Now, you can customise what goes into the link title and the permalink that follows your linked list posts.

Read more about it at the plugin information page on this blog.

A collection of sketches. Such artistry.

  Bed Jumpers →  September 4


Best summary I’ve seen so far, by Garrett Murray.

[One More Thing, which Jobs then calls One More “Hobby”]
Shawn Morrison: What if Jobs’ new hobby was fly fishing? And the entire rest of the keynote was a new fishing pole.
Me: Just one that he bought, too. Not one that Apple makes or is selling.