It’s just a netbook

October 24, 2010  |  Tags: ,

So, there’s a new MacBook Air. This comic, which Fake Steve found in a Gizmodo comment string, sums up what I think about it:

Don’t get me wrong; I want one, I really do. However, every “hard” spec on it is worse than those on my 3.5-year old MacBook Pro — slower processor, less RAM, less hard drive space, graphics with shared memory.

The “invisible” specs are much better, though — lighter, thinner, longer battery life, higher pixel density, and much faster hard drive. There’s nothing I can do about the first four, but I might just get a solid-state drive to speed up my aging MBP. It’ll be expensive, but from all accounts it’ll be worth it, and it’ll hopefully tide me over until the next generation of MacBook Pros with flash drives show up.