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This Wired piece describes an interesting new app which allows users to flag drivers’ behaviours:

DriveMeCrazy, developed by Shazam co-founder Philip Inghelbrecht, is a voice-activated app that encourages drivers to report bad behavior by reciting the offender’s license plate into a smartphone. The poor sap gets “flagged” and receives a virtual “ticket,” which may not sound like much until you realize all the information — along with date, time and location of the “offense” — is sent to the DMV and insurance companies.

Commercially, Inghelbrecht intends to sell this data to “information-starved” insurance companies. He also states a noble-sounding goal of “cutting the number of motor vehicle accidents 1 or 2 percent by 2020, a figure that would represent 700 lives saved annually”.

Extrapolating on this, could this be the way to get crowdsourced opinions on people’s character and behaviour? This could be particularly useful in schools: think of how teachers can provide feedback on pupils anywhere and at any time, and all this can be accumulated into a useful report for “information-starved” form teachers and parents.

(via Ben Brooks.)

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High-speed camera footage as it zoomed past a station. Hooray, Physics.

Via Kottke.

  Pls Revert, Tks →  December 4

1.     This submission seeks to highlight for readers’ amusement the weblog “PLS REVERT, TKS” (PRT).

2.     Background. PRT is an anthology of civil service lingo, and is suitable for enjoyment by civil servants and other Singaporeans who may have had the misfortune of encountering civil service “writing”.

3.     Assessment. While the site is freaking awesome, it has one critical flaw in that there are not many entries to date. This will doubtlessly be addressed over time. On balance, the site is freaking awesome.

4.     For readers’ consideration pls. Tks.