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“I looked at the photo and I almost coughed out half a liter of blood! Even a rank amateur like myself can tell that this was a PhotoShop job, and they had the nerve to put this on the home page!”

This is what happens what 1.x billion people have too much free time and Internet access.

(Via Boing Boing.)

  Katamari Hack →  June 28
  1. Copy bookmarklet
  2. Go to text-heavy site in Chrome or Firefox 4
  3. Turn up sound
  4. Paste into URL
  5. Enjoy BEST KATAMARI AFTERNOON EVER until your browser crashes like mine did oops.

(Thx Steve)


Sometimes it seems like life is too short to read everything. Luckily, now you can get the abridged, too-long-didn’t-read summary for any page on the web at the click of a mouse!

If only there was something like this for Safari.

(Via Brett Terpstra, who posts perhaps the best collection of web design- and Apple-related weekly links on the Internet.)

Tragic and adorable, which totally justifies having two Nedroid posts in a row.

Wonderful wallpapers from one of my favourite webcomics right now. Well worth donating a few dollars for.

  Trolling Tumblr →  June 18

Do you also hate those stupid “deep” pictures with “deep” captions you see all over Tumblr? You’ll love this collection of said pictures with snarky captions tacked on.

  320+Susy demo →  June 12

After I finished Ethan Marcotte’s amusing and concise Responsive Web Design book, I went to look for a Compass-compatible plugin to implement some of these.

I found 320+Susy (github source), a nice demo of how to combine principles from 320 and up with responsive framework Susy. Trying it out now in the design I should really be working on instead of writing a blog entry about the framework I’m using.

An opinion piece on the upcoming DC Universe reboot (news here, hilarious recap of DC’s prior attempts at fixing continuity here), and all the anger it’s generated in fans:-

Continuing to cater to the small group of fans that still exists means that the comics you want to exist won’t. Don’t get me wrong, this could go all pear-shaped and hasten the downfall of our beloved hobby, but that downfall is happening and I’d gladly risk five years of it struggling along on life-support against the reward of a new audience and eventual prosperity.

Agreed. The medium’s grown to the point where it no longer belongs to fans, so this could be the only way to go. Not sure I like it myself, but I’m curious to see how it turns out, and the same-day digital distribution is very promising.

(Via Chris Haley, of Let’s Be Friends Again.)

A bit of explanation of how and why I favorite things on the internet.

I Like / ♥ / ★ favouriting.

Jeff Atwood, from (the disgustingly useful) Stack Overflow, discusses three types of reality-altering banning practices employed by forums — wherein the site suspends problematic users without anyone knowing they had been suspended. Fascinating.