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From the New York Times, via The Loop from a while ago:

“This is not about the technology,” Mark Edwards, superintendent of Mooresville Graded School District, would tell the visitors later over lunch. “It’s not about the box. It’s about changing the culture of instruction — preparing students for their future, not our past.”

As debate continues over whether schools invest wisely in technology — and whether it measurably improves student achievement — Mooresville, a modest community about 20 miles north of Charlotte best known as home to several Nascar teams and drivers, has quietly emerged as the de facto national model of the digital school.

Fascinating look at how they did it: job cuts, larger class sizes, leased MacBook Airs, self-paced learning. Noteworthy, too, that it’s for an entire school district (5000 students… the size of one of our “integrated programme” schools here).

  Everpix →  February 25

Found via Brandon’s recommendation:

Everpix is an online repository of every digital photo you’ve ever taken, supported by a background Mac utility that keeps it in sync with your iPhoto/Aperture/Lightroom, and an iPhone app that syncs your Camera Roll, and allows you to view your library in the cloud. Crucially, it also syncs with your online photos on Flickr, Instagram, Google+/Picasa, and Facebook.

I don’t obsess over taking pictures, and care even less about organising or sharing them. As such, Everpix’s ability to collect and see all my photos in one place fits my needs perfectly. Having those more advanced sharing options around are great, too, for the (admittedly unlikely) scenarios when I “get around to posting them on Facebook”. (Sorry, anyone waiting for wedding pictures.)

I strongly recommend giving Everpix a try; it’s free (for now) anyway.

Gawker found the man behind @horse_ebooks:

A human being behind Horse_ebooks could either intensify or diminish its myth. Horse_ebooks itself would be elevated from a dumb spam bot that had chanced into greatness to a brilliant viral marketing tool. But Horse_ebooks fans would be debased, transformed from connoisseurs of sophisticated anti-humor to the unwitting cash cows of some Russian mastermind.


Fraser Speirs provides a great overview of iTunes U, and why he’s excited about it. As previously noted, it’s not quite a complete learning management system —

There are two sides to digital workflow in school. There’s the information distribution and communication side and there’s the submission, grading and feedback side.

It’s important to understand that iTunes U only attacks the first part: information distribution and communication. It is not a test-taking, file submission and grading system. Neither does it track student progress through a course.

(Emphasis mine)

— but it does go a long way in solving teachers’ problems in digitally communicating with students and distributing course materials, neither of which are adequately served by many LMSes. That’s in a uniformly-iOS school environment, of course.

By Andreas Englund.

“Angry chihuahua mood”! This is the Dan Lyons we used to read and love.


Screen Shot 2012 02 14 at 8 23 55 AM

Click through for the full set, and links to his other GoT illustrations.

  Gimme Bar →  February 14

Kinda like Pinterest, but with less publicity, more designers, and a nifty auto-backup feature that can pull from Instagram, Delicious, Pinboard and Twitter. I’d previously been using Realmac’s LittleSnapper to capture websites for inspiration, but I like this a lot better, and now my stuff is here.

Great article by Cory Doctorow, explaining what’s coming up after SOPA and why.

I find myself physically unable to stop watching this terribly amusing video: