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  The Last PC Laptop β†’  September 23

Great piece by Jeff Atwood on his search for a good PC laptop. His conclusion:

My laptop is increasingly a device I only take when I know I’ll need to do a lot of typing, and/or I’ll need a lot of screen space to work. But even a phone could do that if it had decent support for bluetooth keyboards and external displays, couldn’t it? And even programmers, the audience who would most need all the power and flexibility of laptops, are switching to tablets.

I feel like we don’t hear much about PC vs. Mac hardware any more, and that’s probably related to the points made in this piece’s conclusion. (Blogged from my new, five-row-home screen iPhone 5, woohoo!)

Great article by Zach Holman on pointlessly using emoji all over your settings:

I don’t know about you, but my computer is a dick. It keeps not doing all of my work for me. What a piece of shit. So what better way to show our affection to your hunk of metal than to rename it as a literal steamy pile of shit? πŸ’©

I can’t believe all those 2,000-word reviews of iOS 6 and Mountain Lion missed out on this important feature. (I wonder if emoji breaks my RSS feed. If so, see you guys in 10 posts!)

I don’t often link to pages I think everyone else will have seen five times over by the time I get around to them… but this made me laugh out loud and, when I got to the part on pet mortality, tear a little. I’d go hug one of my cats, but they’d just scratch my face off.

A frequently-amusing take on what Silicon Valley thinks is “disruption” in educational technology.

Robot Zombie! T.Rex Ninja! Alien Platypus! Robot robot!

This. Is. Awesome.

Slate Magazine:

For some 12 millennia, humans have sought the company of domesticated cats. We feed them, shelter them, and love them. In return, they jump headfirst into empty grocery bags. This ancient bargain lay at the heart of the Walker Art Center’s first-ever Internet Cat Video Festival.

Excellent article with lots of cat video links. There goes my weekend!

Funny, but I can’t stop staring at the badly resized chat bubbles.