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  “Obsoletive” →  September 30

I don’t have much patience for Apple-centric tech sector analysis blogs like Horace Dedeiueieio’s* Asymco and Benedict Evans‘ — so serious! So many charts! And thinking! — but I’m being slowly won over by Taiwan-based Ben Thompson’s Stratechery. This piece arguing that new technologies like the iPhone aren’t disruptive but rather obsoletive was great. Also, I can never get enough of people making up wordterminologies.

* Approximate spelling sorry

A look at how one high school is introducing programming into all its classes, even unrelated subjects. Some of these are eyebrow-raise-worthy at first glance:

Brown says she’s considering a poetry unit using code language. […] Tina Farrell, who heads the Performing Arts department, is interested in experimenting with live-coding performances, where students would use software to compose and perform music with scripts they write.

But just imagine if these worked.

Also, new to me, linked from the article: TurtleBits, an interactive turtle learning tool. Still one of my favourite intro programming resources.

“A group of us take turns holding each other’s spots when the others aren’t here,” he explained. “If you come to enough of these things, you meet people, and you become launch day line-up buddies.”

There’s a punchline that I won’t ruin, but it’s great.

Who doesn’t need a JS plugin to make your site’s text look like the Breaking Bad title sequence?

Related: the final season is insane. Can’t wait to see how it ends.