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(Fixed the link — used to go to Buzzfeed, which happily lifted every single image from the original site.)

Data that answers important questions such as ‘where does my surname rank on the Chinese leaderboard?’ (12th) and ‘are people named “tall” actually concentrated in the northern part of the country?’. (Pshht, tiny Asians.)

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Supposedly a genuine interaction with an email scammer:

Of COURSE I am. But you’ve got to look at it from my point of view; I haven’t spoken to you in years, you email me out of the blue and ask for money.I’ve spent all day trying to get this money out of the bank for you (they even tried to tell me it was some sort of “scam.”) and now you tell me not only have you read my book but that you LOVED It and you’re willing to write me a blurb for the back cover.

I love this stuff.