A look at how one high school is introducing programming into all its classes, even unrelated subjects. Some of these are eyebrow-raise-worthy at first glance:

Brown says she’s considering a poetry unit using code language. […] Tina Farrell, who heads the Performing Arts department, is interested in experimenting with live-coding performances, where students would use software to compose and perform music with scripts they write.

But just imagine if these worked.

Also, new to me, linked from the article: TurtleBits, an interactive turtle learning tool. Still one of my favourite intro programming resources.

“A group of us take turns holding each other’s spots when the others aren’t here,” he explained. “If you come to enough of these things, you meet people, and you become launch day line-up buddies.”

There’s a punchline that I won’t ruin, but it’s great.

Who doesn’t need a JS plugin to make your site’s text look like the Breaking Bad title sequence?

Related: the final season is insane. Can’t wait to see how it ends.

You may have read, or recall, this New York Times article called Snow Fall from last year — click through if it’s new to you, it’s worth your time. It’s a longform HTML5 extravaganza, with carefully-placed stunning videos and animated infographics. They weren’t the first — Pitchfork, Wired, Guardian, and others followed suit since (and every single such beautifully crafted piece is festering in my Pocket queue).

Subscription-based longform journal MATTER calls this wave of online storytelling “snowfalling”, and muses about why or whether they’ll attempt anything like this. Like MATTER’s monthly articles, worth a read.

I’m awfully curious about what the new batch of iOS apps will look like when iOS 7 is released in a couple of months’ time — I doubt designers will be happy to just take on the default look (white background-blur navigation bar, coloured labels, flatter tab bars), so I’m waiting to see what a custom theme, that still manage to fit in iOS 7, looks like. (Much like how we ended up with coloured, textured navigation bars that kept the basic shapes in iOS 1 – 6.)

Consensus on this page seems to be: fewer textures, solid-colour navigation bars with blurry (“frosted glass”) backgrounds, elements that go edge-to-edge, and even more blurry backgrounds.

  Fitbit + Cat →  July 15

Putting an activity tracker on a cat yields insights:

You’ll notice that somebody was taking a nap from 11am-3pm while we were out of the house. Proof that yes, the cat has not even moved from that spot since we left.

I knew it

This little comic made a comeback recently. Love the panel with the introvert hissing at the extrovert from within his hamster ball, because cats.

All my Singaporean friends on Facebook who studied overseas linked to this. Worth a read.

  tigerairy →  July 6

We took Tiger Airways up to Bangkok on Monday, and flew back by “tigerair” on Thursday. I quite like the playfulness of the new logo — look at that little wink the i’s are doing! — but I keep trying to pronounce the name as written.