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Kinda like Pinterest, but with less publicity, more designers, and a nifty auto-backup feature that can pull from Instagram, Delicious, Pinboard and Twitter. I’d previously been using Realmac’s LittleSnapper to capture websites for inspiration, but I like this a lot better, and now my stuff is here.

Yes, this chart means nothing, but Camino is second highest?! That browser feels like it hasn’t been updated since 2004.

Love this:

The rules are simple: I put the self-timer on 2 seconds, push the button and try to get as far from the camera as I can.

Axe murderer, murderin’ some axes

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Axe murderer, murderin' some axes by yjsoon

Wocka likes axes!

Trying to draw more.


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Evilcat by yjsoon

Another iPad ArtStudio drawing.

If you subscribe to RSS feeds with truncated content, you might find this site handy — it gives you a full-content feed to plonk into your RSS reader.

I’m using it for MacRumors, AppleInsider (yeah, echo chamber, I know), The Onion, TPUTH and Wired right now. (Links go straight to the full-text feeds, unless my copy and paste skills have failed me again.) (Among my other “trusted” news sites, Ars Technica uses truncated feeds as well, but only for really long articles that I’d send to Instapaper anyway.) (Yes, The Onion is a “trusted” news site.) (I love parantheses!)

I’d previously been relying on Reeder‘s clever use of Readability to fetch full-text content in-place without having to wait for the full site to load, but that still involved a short wait between reading the headline and getting to the content. Now I save seconds. TONS AND TONS OF SECONDS WHICH I CAN WAFFLE AWAY ON OTHER RSS FEEDS.

“Ask Me Anything”

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Reddit conducts the occasional “I am a (human being of some interest), ask me anything” session. These are great.

A PDF research paper on the physics behind Spidey’s swinging from rooftops. Also contains awesome illustrations.

(via CYD on Buzz.)

Dave Shea has made his comprehensive Chalkwork Family icon set free for personal use. He explains:

People who appreciate your work do the right thing. Just as those who download music are more inclined to buy it, my bet is that those who download these icons for personal use may one day come back and pay for commercial use. If they don’t, were they ever likely to buy them in the first place? I doubt it.


A Flickr set by Garrett Murray, a personal hero for this aspiring designer-developer-artist. (Things he’s made, which you should check out: Forever’s Not So Long, a wonderful short movie; Ego, an iPhone app for stats tracking which I launch way too often; and his occasional — lamentably, so very occasional — productions of comedic genius at The Maniacal Rage Podcast and Qwick Reviews.)

Also, I finally (finally!) left my job yesterday to pursue my dreams (whatever that means), so seeing this lovely setup today is a nice little piece of inspirational synchronicity. Quitting feels odd and exhilarating and terrifying and fantastic, and I might have more to say at some point.