so many

so many goodbyes to say. i didn’t think it was going to be extraordinarily easy, but it’s harder to accept than i thought… still, time marches on, much like i will in the army (well, not quite like i will, since time doesnt fall out to complain about being tired).

i don’t know how many of you will ever read this, but to all you crazy stanford weirdos: cheers, it’s been good times. i hope we meet again. drop me a line when you earn money and can go jetsetting around the world, please visit then. however, please don’t earn money until two years later when i’m done with the army.

and to all you other weirdtards who’re back already, i’ll see you when i get home in a couple of days. it’s been too long.

or not long enough at all.

Three More Days

Almost out of this lovely frustrating beautiful annoying magical nightmarish place. Maybe my times at Stanford weren’t exactly perfect, but they’ll provide for plenty of food for thought on that long 20-hour plane ride back to the rest of my life. I wonder how I’ll feel when that plane takes off, because that’s when it really hits me (the departure, not the airsickness) — maybe I’ll be able to smile and tell myself (like I have my friends here, sorry) that it’s ok, that’s how life goes, we move on. Or maybe I’ll fully comprehend the real loss that taking off from this foreign land actually is for me.

My sentence structures obviously haven’t improved any in four years.

Three more days, and we’ll be through, as the song goes.

A First Post

First post! First Post! w00t!!!r0x0r!!!~!!~!~etc.

Yes, my ramblings are back, due to overwhelming demand (3 people complained when the blog went away, when it wasnt even called a “blog” at the time), and a sudden increase in free time. Back in Singapore in a few, hence the SG timezone for these entries. Ahhhh.