Edjamacating the Edjamacators

So the one(ish — I didn’t have any classes last Tuesday and Thursday) week in NIE is over, and I’ve been bored out of my mind so much that I’ve racked up 3MB of GPRS usage surfing the web, checking email and using instant messaging (AIM/ICQ/MSN) services on the cellphone while in class. The instructors seem nice enough and really do teach rather well, but they don’t seem to have very much interesting subject matter to work with.

Next stop: four-week “Teaching Experience” in school. The Teacher Training Unit apparently decided it’d be amusing to post me to the school my dad teaches at. Very funny, guys. Can’t complain, though… free ride to work in the morning, and it’s only a few bus stops away, anyway, so I can rush home quickly. Since we look nothing alike, my dad and I have decided not to tell anyone about the connection (though it’d seem mighty suspicious for anyone noticing me driving my dad’s car off every now and then).

Nothing worth complaining about. Ask me again in a month (fuckin’ flag day for NIE orientation?! Fuck!).

Werk, werk

Update on life:

  • ORD tomorrow (!!!), brought forward from the 24th. The countdown timer’s gone, having served its function, but…
  • Work starts Monday, and the even more depressingly long work-off-the-bond countdown begins. The length of this one’s too intimidating to make a countdown timer for it.
  • Took a secondary-level Math test for future NIE Math teachers — passed, thankfully, but I’m sure barely so. How the hell did I know all this stuff 9 years ago?
  • By passing the test, I don’t have to go for the Math “content upgrading module” next week — wah, like Army like that. Pass already get two days off. Can’t complain, really, who else starts work with two paid days of break?
  • Week after that, month-long attachment in schools. This could mean trouble.
  • Way too much poker on weekends. Quote: “We’ve been playing poker like everyday!!!” — i.e., every time we meet up on weekends — “No lah, we didn’t play Sunday through Thursday…” Oh, my brain hurts.
  • Uhhh… not much else, really. This is why I don’t mention the personal life much, it bores even me.

I’m sure there’ll be more nonsense coming up.

Just one more thing I need to mention…

ORD loh!!!!!

Hello morning

How to tell when poker night’s gone on for way too long: while driving home, I saw quite a number of people doing their morning jogs. Not nearly as bad as in my final quarter at school, when the fast food morning staff recognised my group at the drive-through because we’d always be programming till dawn then getting hungry, but… close enough.

Two more weeks of this nonsensical life-schedule before I go to “school” (or work, loosely defined), though. Making the most out of it, I suppose.