Things that make you go whuu?!

I haven’t done the whole linking-around thing for a while, so…

  • MPAA equates pirated DVDs to drugs on the street: Not forgetting terrorism, too. And making babies cry by poking their eyes. Damn you, heartless pirates!! [Ars Technica]
  • Wipeout: On a related note, some local blogger takes the moral high ground on piracy… unfortunately, he has my name. Damn you, name-stealing moraliser!! (Thanks to Tucque for pointing this out) []
  • Taking down Army-related posts and pictures: Local blogger faces MINDEATH sanctions on blogging about NS. Really rather ridiculous, I feel. I liked our men in green (umm, uncomfortable-looking khaki office wear?) better when they were running Windows 95 and generally harmless and ineffectual online. []
  • What are we going to do now?, redux: A teacher’s resignation, and a good read. Not offering my thoughts on this one (you can probably guess). And no, this didn’t make me go whuu?!. [Tym Blogs Too]

That is all. Chicken returns sometime this week, I promise.

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