Beat Cal

Stumbled across this Ars Technica report on the MPAA’s newly-released list of top 25 movie piracy schools. On the list:

24. Stanford University – 405 25. University of California at Berkeley – 398

Alright! Way to make up for years of losing Big Game. Respect.


A number of schools have the dubious distinction of being on both the MPAA and the RIAA list. The overachievers are: Ohio University (#1 RIAA/#18 MPAA), Purdue University (#2, #5), University of Nebraska at Lincoln (#3/#13), UMASS (#6/#9), Michigan State (#7/#20), North Carolina State (#9/#14), University of South Florida (#11/#23), Boston University (#15/#3), and the University of Michigan (#18/#10).

Am I the only one who thinks that list reads like a NCAA sports ranking list, with AP ranking followed by USA Today ranking? For that matter, why can’t piracy be a NCAA sport?

Dead blog is good blog

That’s what my comment spam just told me.

Three months is an awful long time to spend feeling sorry for yourself, right? I’m back, as soon as I get over this inconveniently-timed bout of weekend flu. In the meantime, I’m on twitter, just like half a million other new signups.

Besides, if I don’t bother posting again, I can claim this was just an April Fool’s special.