Firebugging work

I’ve been quite unnecessarily pleased with myself today, and this is why:

Yesterday was the last day for us to enter our students’ grades into the school’s results management system. As usual, I procrastinated badly, and ended up finishing my marking only at around 12.10am. I figured our programmer guy would give us some leeway and only disallow mark entries the next morning, right? After all, the school administrators aren’t going to print the result slips at 1am, and that’s the only reason they had a deadline in the first place.


Suck it, disabled update button!

Stumped, I thought I’d have to email my boss and explain how busy I’d been (which I guess I have… but I really could have finished marking sooner) and ask for an extension, and with her approval, I could then request for programmer dude to open the system up for me. This is the point at which I noticed this icon sitting in the bottom right corner of my Firefox window:

RPMS - Raffles Institution Pupil Management System (Enhanced)-1.jpg


With live HTML editing!

Open debugging window, enter inspect mode, delete “disabed=’true'”!

Update successfully!

Bwa ha ha!

Yeah, it’s rather childish, but I don’t often get to apply ridiculous hacks in my line of work, so this felt pretty epic. I heart Firebug.