Moving, moving

Had my last staff dinner last week, and didn’t win anything in the lucky draw for the third year. Hung out with colleagues afterward and the conversation steered itself in the exact same direction as after last year’s staff dinner. Full marks for consistency, everyone.

Met the new colleagues for the first time today. This might be interesting.

Going home more often to try and figure out how best to fit the giant TV (that I bought last year for the apartment) into the spare room when I move back home. I’ll need a sofa, a new table and maybe some way to soundproof the room so I can still hold Rock Band / Guitar Hero parties. And a new OS; the Ubuntu box is getting a bit long in the tooth (haven’t upgraded since 6.10). And a new TV. And a Mac Pro. Er, wait.

Done with having to go back to work on a regular basis, but need to resist the urge to play Fallout 3 until my eyes bleed. I still wonder if I should have planned a trip somewhere for the break.

Saw the ex for the first time in very, very long, and found out from a good friend (thank you) that she’s moved on and found someone new. Hey, it’s been nearly two years; I’m just the one who’s slow and useless like that. Felt sorry for myself for a day or so, but ran 30km in a week to not feel like crap (old post), and hey, it worked! Ignore the time dilation I did right there.

Been slowly seeing my boarders vacate their rooms to go home for the holidays. I doubt I’ll ever see most of them again, and I keep wondering if I ever got the pastoral care role of this job right. Last piece of advice I offered to them on my “Level 12 Blog” (er, post-its on the pantry wall) was to please, please use this break to do something they’d been putting off all year. Upon further thought, I think that was for me. 

I’m okay now.