Essence of chicken, and mini-review of Inkpad

A first experiment with [Inkpad](, a vector drawing tool for the iPad. Some thoughts:

* I’ve found drawing on the iPad (previously with [ArtStudio]( to be much more enjoyable than on the tablet (as in Wacom). Drawing vectors is even better, since I can easily edit my usually inaccurate finger-painted strokes. In addition, editing control points feels a lot more natural on the iPad than on the tablet (problems with pudgy fingers aside).
* I bought the app hoping I could do my [comic]( on it, but I might just end up going back to the tablet. My main quibbles are that I can’t (or haven’t yet figured out how to) “pick up” a path to continue drawing it, and that the interface requires a bit too much tapping for my liking. For example, some operations (join, delete, bring forward/backward) are only accessible through menus, so I end up tapping in and out of them pretty frequently. Furthermore, switching between tools just feels like a huge chore without keyboard shortcuts, but I guess that can’t be helped on this platform.
* That said, I think the design of the app is pretty remarkable, given that I could use it to draw something without reading any instructions at all. (I also can’t find instructions now, but I could just be stupid.)