DFLL now integrates with Twitter Tools

…or, another edition of “OMG SHUT UP WHO CARES ABOUT YOUR STUPID PLUGIN!!!!1”.

Anyway, I’ve updated the [DF Linked List WordPress plugin](http://yjsoon.com/dfll-plugin) again:

* Fixed RSS feed validation. Many thanks to [Michael Camilleri](http://inqk.net) for pointing this out and pushing a fix! Getting to discover blogs like [his](http://inqk.net/weblog) is one of those happy unintended results of having written this plugin.
* Added [Twitter Tools](http://crowdfavorite.com/wordpress/plugins/twitter-tools/) integration. Now you can add a glyph in front of tweets that link to non-linked-list posts, just like how Gruber does it for the [DF Twitter account](http://twitter.com/daringfireball). In addition, you can also add a glyph or text (e.g. “Link:”) in front of linked list item tweets. Thanks to [Ben Brooks](http://brooksreview.net) for the suggestion on this one.