The Company We Keep

Republished from Medium.

After I left a five-year stint in the Ministry of Education, I started Tinkertanker in 2011 with two of my closest friends.

We created our very first invoice for teaching a programming class, did some software consulting, made a couple of apps, hired our first full-timers, started teaching a boatload* of programming classes, started an online store, hired a boatload* of technical interns, worked with IMDA on projects, exhibited at events, designed some hardware, and now we can’t describe what we do in a sentence any more.

So we’re starting a blog:

… where we get to adapt all these emails and blurbs we’ve written about the company over the years into something we can share. Take a look, and let us know if you have any feedback, want to work with us, or know anyone awesome we can work with.

* Boatload because “tanker”, get it, get it, hur hur hur