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Songs for April (and March)

April 30, 2004  |  Tags:   |  

Part of* my iPod playlist at the end of every month.

– (Can’t Get My) Head Around You, The Offspring
– Anyone At All, Carole King
– Are You Gonna Be My Girl, Jet
– Celebrity, Barenaked Ladies
– Days, David Bowie
– Dice, Finley Quayle
– Hell Over Head, Puddle of Mudd
– Hey Mama, Black Eyed Peas
– In the Morning, Norah Jones
– Lost and Found, Taking Back Sunday
– Love and Death, The Stills
– Maps, Yeah Yeah Yeahs
– Margerine Melodie, Stereolab
– Ocean Avenue, Yellowcard
– She Will Be Loved, Maroon 5
– Soulful Strut, Young-Holt Unlimited
– Sunrise, Norah Jones
– The Reason, Hoobastank
– Try, Nelly Furtado

* The part I’m not so embarrassed by.

can’t have your apple and eat it

April 18, 2004  |  Tags: ,   |  

After a peaceful first year with the PowerBook, all hell breaks loose. LCD monitor dies, gets replaced, within a week the hard drive volume information gets corrupted beyond reasonable repairability. Timed failures for non-AppleCare purchasers? Fuck, I lost all my Scrubs episodes and my random cool little videos (all my Triumph the Insult Comic Dog! and Celebrity Jeopardy! Wauughh!)… though thankfully not much else, with thanks to Steven and Mal.

of interest

April 6, 2004  |  Tags:   |  

I’m at work and the bosses are away and people are watching tv (got through half of italian job myself before feeling somewhat guilty) and throwing rattan balls around the office and what else would I really do except, say, blog out something random.

Things I’ve vaguely noticed in the news lately
– Richard Clarke vs Condy on the 9/11-Iraq issues. Maybe I should buy his book.
– UConn champions! “We told you so,” all the sportswriters go, deleting their articles from November of last year till now… my poor poor Card, they came from our bracket too…
– Singapore’s new graduate medical school opening in a few years. Fuck, they’re going to create pre-meds here! Though it’s an interesting prospect if I suddenly have an overwhelming interest in medicine, doubtful as it might seem now.

Also, my PowerBook died, and they might accuse me of using “excessive force” on it (part of the screen seems loose, and there are scratches but those’ve been there for a while). Excessive force?! WTF?

Half a year

April 2, 2004  |  Tags:   |  

Holy crap, half a fuckin year!

Not necessarily the most pleasant of times, but times nonetheless. I wonder if the two people who knew this blog existed will even notice this update.

What happened the last half year?

– Turned 23. At a simulated shooting range, no less. Ah, crap.
– Multiple new years in Singapore for the first time in ages — it’s nice to be home, I finally conclude, until the next time I crave some late-night phö (is that the right random ascii character?), or american cable tv, or the freedom of dorm life, or Jammix, or my friends i haven’t seen in ages. But it’s nice to be home.
– Shifted camp. The new-camp-smell of Mandai is fading and getting replaced with I-want-my-Old-Airport-Road-hawker cravings.
– Saw the Stanford Men’s Basketball team go through a near-miraculous season (26 straight wins!) only to have it all come crashing down in 8 minutes. Breaks the heart, such a great team too. How do you root for anyone again if this is what happens in the end? Give all us Stanford fans another half year, and another set of foolish hopes, hopefully.
– Failed SOC manymanymanymanymany times, until nearly passing within 8 seconds on my second-to-last try. Just not fit to be a soldier, I suppose.
– Not left the house much. But it’s nice to be home.

Not many photos, but these are (were, many won’t be around in a couple of months) my colleagues in 1 SIR’s S1 Branch:

the branch

Listening to:

– 100 years – Five for Fighting
– Are you gonna be my girl – Jet (yay iPod ads)
– You always say goodnight, goodbye – Julianna Theory
– Shout and feel it, Sing Sing Sing (with a swing) – Swing Kids soundtrack


– Summerland, Michael Chabon
– The curious incident of the dog in the night time, Mark Haddock