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songs for september

September 30, 2004  |  Tags:   |  

Slowly slowly towards June ’05. And then what?

– 1985, Bowling for Soup
– Blue Eyes, Cary Brothers
– I Don’t Blame You, Cat Power
– We Looked Like Giants, Death Cab for Cutie
– Good Life, Francis Dunnery
– Take Me Out, Franz Ferdinand
– Matinee, Franz Ferdinand
– The Crystal Lake, Grandaddy
– Summer Here Kids, Grandaddy
– American Idiot, Green Day
– Obstacle 1, Interpol
– Say Hello to the Angels, Interpol
– The New, Interpol
– Word Up, Korn
– Against All Odds, The Postal Service
– There’s Never Enough Time, The Postal Service
– Something Changed, Pulp
– Fair, Remy Zero

Mostly… stuff people mentioned. Probably Kelvin. Either that or from the Scrubs soundtrack, yay for the new season.

those damn bears

September 30, 2004  |  Tags:   |  

Bear ransacks home, eats 4 pounds of chocolate []

I gotta find me a bear suit and a paralysed man with lots of chocolate.

more stoned slackers

September 29, 2004  |  Tags:   |  

More on those stoned slackers who watch The Daily Show:

Daily Show viewers ace political quiz []
No joke: Daily Show viewers follow presidential race []

I’ve actually seen that clip in question, where Jon Stewart is a guest on The O’Reilly Show. And even given Fox News’ penchant for being forcefully right-leaning in its “news” coverage and opinions, I honestly didn’t expect the level of downright unprofessional hostility that Bill O’Reilly conveyed in his “interview” with Jon Stewart.

Seriously, calling Stewart’s target audience “stoned slackers” every three minutes, with a five-minute rant on how John Kerry bypassed his (O’Reilly’s) show for Stewart’s (only to conclude that Kerry was just attempting to be “hip”) just doesn’t give O’Reilly much credibility. There was also this exchange:

STEWART: When you say younger, are you talking 9, 10? What are you talking here?
O’REILLY: No, I’m talking 18 to 25, you know. The people who are on your intellectual level.

Ugh. Watching that clip left a truly awful aftertaste, despite Stewart’s usually successful attempts at humorous (and optionally diplomatic) comebacks. Anyway, the full transcript [ student page] of the interview, for the morbidly interested.

stoned slackers

September 29, 2004  |  Tags:   |  


    NEW YORK (AP) — The folks at Comedy Central were annoyed when Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly kept referring to “The Daily Show” audience as “stoned slackers.”

    So they did a little research. And guess whose audience is more educated?

    Viewers of Jon Stewart’s show are more likely to have completed four years of college than people who watch “The O’Reilly Factor,” according to Nielsen Media Research.

    O’Reilly’s teasing came when Stewart appeared on his show earlier this month.

    “You know what’s really frightening?” O’Reilly said. “You actually have an influence on this presidential election. That is scary, but it’s true. You’ve got stoned slackers watching your dopey show every night and they can vote.”

    Comedy Central executives realized, and O’Reilly acknowledged, that he was poking fun. But they said they didn’t want a misconception to persist.

    “If the head of General Motors was watching O’Reilly’s show, that could be very important to us,” said Doug Herzog, Comedy Central president.

    “If you listen to O’Reilly, you get the sense that it was crazy longhairs behind the show,” he said. “And it’s not. It’s great, smart television that attracts a well-compensated audience, most of whom are voting age.”

    Relax, said Fox News Channel spokesman Rob Zimmerman.

    “Comedy Central must have lost their sense of humor,” Zimmerman said. “Without Jon Stewart, Comedy Central would turn into the Great American Country Channel.”

    Comedy Central also touted a recent study by the University of Pennsylvania’s National Annenberg Election Survey, which said young viewers of “The Daily Show” were more likely to answer questions about politics correctly than those who don’t.

    Comedy Central had no statistics on how many people watch “The Daily Show” stoned.

    Although seemingly taken aback by repeated “stoned slackers” references while talking with O’Reilly, Stewart was ready with a joke.

    “This election is going to rely on the undecided,” he said. “And who is more undecided than stoned slackers? Ice cream or pretzels? Ice cream or pretzels? What’s it going to be?

    Whether it’s the slacker or no-slacker zone, O’Reilly is entering it October 7, when he’s scheduled to appear on “The Daily Show.”

    So if Stewart’s audience is comprised of stoned slackers, how would Herzog describe O’Reilly’s audience?

    “I’m not getting into that game,” he said.

I can only say, it’s been way too long since I’ve had the chance to be a stoned slacker.

Also, funny comment from yesterday’s interview:

Old dude: “Why are you PES B?”
Me: “Oh, I’m overweight.”
Another old dude: “So that’s not all muscle hiding behind there?”

Did I just witness the PSC crack a (really rather amusing) joke? Wow!

that’s that

September 28, 2004  |  Tags:   |  

Barely 50 minutes after my interview’s over, I’m home and online. Whee!


– Questions were mostly fluff. “Do you think advanced placement credits helped you in your degree progress?”, “You took cantonese?”, “Was there a selection process for your Course Assistantship at Stanford?”, “What ECAs would you want to be involved in when you start teaching?”, “Why are you PES B?” (what the hell)

– If not fluff, then predictable. “Would you rather teach in a neighbourhood school or RI?”, “Why do you think your parents indicated disappointment when you took up a teaching scholarship?”, “Why do you think that Singaporeans have less of a sense of national and cultural identity than Americans?” (that one was from my feedback form), “What subjects other than Math & Physics would you want to teach?”, “When did you start being interested in web and technology development?”

– Seemed rather intent on keeping me within MOE and moving me to MOE HQ. Interesting.

– Started l0 minutes late, but ended on time. Good deal. :)

In general, rather pleasant interview, if just a little fluffy. I suspect the interview is a non-issue for my case and I will be staying within MOE for my five years. Very good. I’m actually looking forward to it more now after reflecting upon the above questions with the Commission. Thanks, old dudes.

One more week and recall period will be over and my life can resume its course back onto sanity.

not again

September 27, 2004  |  Tags:   |  

Aargh! Alert-Red Flu, round 2, and the night before my interview with the Public Service Commission, too.

The rest of the week, in summary: finished the shooting range in a day (got a marksman badge! — along with 60% of the company), ran the Army Half-Marathon (by “ran” I actually mean “hobbled in pain”), and generally did more work than I should have. Small wonder about the falling sick again bit, I guess — damn you in advance, SAF!

Ah well, I’ll just make a little less sense than I would have otherwise.


September 20, 2004  |  Tags:   |  

It’s been over a year since graduation, and we’ve finally agreed on a workable idea for our programming project (in the making since, ummm, years ago). No further details until I’m sure we’re not just imagining that we have something workable.

The first thought I had when I looked at our Wiki site with our first task was “Holy shit, this reminds me of Stanford CS classes” — (a) I had no idea how to begin, (b) I’m way behind everyone else on this one, having missed a couple of discussion sessions, (c) I probably won’t start on it till the (unspecified) deadline, and (d) whoever posted it called it “Assignment 1.”

Really, though, it’d be good to do some programming other than mindless PHP/MySQL bludgeoning for the web and trial-and-error VBA at work.

Anyway, a favourite Fox Trot strip from a while back:

He even includes stdio.h!

On occasion, I do get worried I’ll lose touch of the geeky programming side of me (vaguely developed as it was by my pseudo-CS track within my EE degree) as I stray farther from my field of study, but it’s good to know that I’ve actually managed to learn quite some computer-related tech know-how even in the SAF (even though it’s all Microsoft-based, yech), and I’m probably going to teach something geeky or another when I do start work.

Anyway, this one’s from Sunday. I should keep it for a future Physics lesson if I do end up teaching that.

of note

September 18, 2004  |  Tags: ,   |  

Been hit pretty hard lately by sickness and then lots of work. Recall period started Friday — already things are screwing up, but I’m beginning to settle into a pretty comfortable zone of “Fuck you, I don’t give a flying goat’s ass.” Like I said, working for an incompetent builds character. What kind of character is debatable though.

Oh, and a couple of interesting personal revelations the last couple of days. “Interesting” as in “I’m not going to share it with you, but I’m surprised I’m not as affected as I could have been, but I’m probably just sick and overworked, so to the news that could have been mildly traumatic, fuck you, I don’t give a flying goat’s ass.” So, yeah, that’s all the vagueness you’ll get from me about that.

Amusingly enough, the Firefox button in my last post is quite effectively blocked in Firefox. This is because I installed Adblock with its default filters. I was wondering for quite a bit why the stupid button wasn’t showing up, until I noticed the URL has /affiliates/ in it. Stupid people.

Also, Walt Mossberg, “the most powerful arbiter of consumer tastes in the computer world,” [Newsweek] recommends everyone switch to Firefox over IE. In fact, he recommends switching to Mac because it’s “more secure, but the Mac operating system is more capable, more modern and more attractive than Windows XP, and just as stable.” Hallelujah, most powerful arbiter-dude.

Back to camp in afternoon for recall manning… as my understudy put it, it’s like trading a day with noisymoronboss* for two days without him — one day on the weekend, and one off-in-lieu day. Yay.

* Ok, I added that bit.


September 14, 2004  |  Tags:   |  

Bleh, the Alert-Red Flu (ARF — Arf?) is back, and I have my first-ever SAF MC. Well done, me. I should refrain from further comment because my thought processes have been rendered incomprehensible(r) by medicine.

Oh, and Firefox 1.0 is out!

Get Firefox!
That’s all this time.


September 12, 2004  |  Tags:   |  

… meaning the end of the weekend, no?

Finally got some of that elusive sleep-in time the last couple of days, despite losing Sunday afternoon to Exercise SB closing ceremony rehearsals. Must stop announcing Chief of Malaysian Army’s name wrong.

Other than that, attempted (and failed) to play tennis, bumped into random people at Borders on separate occasions, and at one point met a somewhat abrasive blast from the past — or maybe I’m becoming more easily irritable nowadays. How does one lead such a (seemingly) successful life while having such a fundamentally caustic personality? I don’t suppose I want to know the answer to that.

And Stanford football won 37-10 over BYU, mirroring last year’s promising start. Hopefully the team doesn’t go 2-7 the rest of the way like last year.

Here comes Alert Red, dudes. Expect more frequent updates from stuck-in-camp-YJ.