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While searching for tennis rackets in the store room today, I came across my portfolio from my (regrettably) only Art class at Stanford — discounting the animation one, which was mostly MATLAB programming and/or Maya. Naturally, I dug it out (and naturally, everything fell on me).

I was especially looking for this “self-portrait” that we had to do as a final project for the class — the only requirement being that it had to be life-sized (yes, life-sized for me == problem) and everything else was left open to choice (media, form, etc). I ended up doing a stream-of-consciousness comic strip which, upon consideration three years later, really did reflect me quite well (and probably still does).

Bits of it are embarrassingly silly and self-indulgent, but I can probably live with posting it on this blog (or the drawings site). That is, once I figure out how to scan it. Life-sized, remember.

Anyway, I used the good old wocka character from secondary school. Here it* is, on top of the robot thing. Painted this sophomore or junior year, I think.

(Click for a higher-res version)

* I’ve decided it’s asexual.

Thinking about it, it’s been awfully long since I’ve really drawn anything, or even done any designs I’ve really liked. I got a sketch book last year as a birthday present, and I’ve only used two pages of it; I couldn’t for the life of me come up with a single inspired design for the second battalion t-shirt; even my redesigned Stanford Alumni site wasn’t up to standard for my clients (though my pride and its occasional ally common sense dictate that mine is definitely better-looking than the old design).

Am I missing anything by forgoing this satisfaction from self-expression and instead seeking simpler-to-derive entertainment such as video games, downloaded TV and movies?

Maybe I should be thankful I have the chance to even raise that question.

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  1. Be glad they didn’t ask for ‘larger-than-life’ 😛

    Anyway, so we’re playing tennis tmr? Abit offtopic, but what time? And how to get 2 your place?

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