something like away

Relatively calm week at work. Even the dreaded could-last-till-9.30pm manpower meeting on Thursday wasn’t altogether unpleasant, and no, only lasted till about 6.30pm. Won a $20 phone at the 6 Division Anniversary, which I kept falling asleep during while trying to emcee. Noteworthy only because this is the first recallable time I’ve won anything in any kind of lucky draw.

What else?

I managed to crawl out of bed at 7am this morning (a Sunday!) to call Toru in North Carolina, who was in attendance at Christine’s wedding. Managed to burble some vague congratulations to the bride (while realising we can’t call her “Skinner” any more, but “Sloan” just doesn’t have that same ring to it) before the call dropped.

Good thing I got up so early too, a second call to catch up with Toru and Sasank seemed to indicate they were already somewhat inebriated. Any later and they’d have been raging drunk… I expect no less from the draw group, really. Sasank did mention that my accent has slipped, which should surprise nobody at all. Anyway, I was sleepy. And then the call dropped.

Good enough, I guess.