upgrade complete

After an afternoon of fiddling with MySQL export functions and a mess of CSS, I’ve finally managed to upgrade this site to use WordPress. It’s quite the improvement over b2, which should be no surprise since it’s a follow-up version of the program.

Pretty smooth transition thanks to this site‘s instructions. Though one of the lines — DROP TABLE wp_settings — wasn’t applicable to my install (WP1.2). Took it out and everything else worked perfectly in the import. (Edit: To the author at wild-mind.net: Much appreciated for the help, and also in pointing out a textarea problem which went unnoticed on my Firefox browser)

Except there was still the resultant mess of incompatible CSS which took me a couple of hours to sort out into the site’s present incarnation. There are even three flavours of syndication available for the site now — RSS, RSS 2.0 and ATOM. My geekmind boggles.

Uh, in case none of that made sense, comments are back up so you can complain about it.

2 thoughts on “upgrade complete

  1. Glad to see that my instructions on how to change from b2 to wordpress was helpful. Incase you didn’t figure it out, my comments are being moderated because of all the spam I was getting. I just approved your comments. I really should add that info to the comment field.

    I love WP more every day and recommend it to everyone! There are a few things I’d like to see added to the script but I’m sure they will be included someday.

    JFYI, this comment field needs to be fixed. When your users type it grows far too wide and goes under the right column where you can not see what is being written. You can fix it in CSS. It is a common problem with this template.

    I hope you enjoy WP as much as I have and I’ve setup and used most of the free scripts available but this one is the best in my opinion!

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