blast from the past

Came across this article:

Netscape Communications offers new network navigator free on the Internet []

… and was somewhat confused by what a “network navigator” was and how they referred to Netscape as a “six-month-old company founded by Jim Clark,” until I noticed the date. Classic stuff: Navigator “is optimized to run smoothly over 14.4 kilobit/second modems as well as higher bandwidth lines, delivering performance at least ten times that of other network browsers.”

Wow, ten years since Netscape Navigator? I very vaguely remember using NCSA Mosaic (for me, most things nowadays have been relegated to the “vaguely remember” corner — I think I’ve saturated my brain with useless but amusing quotes), and then fervently tracking the frequent updates between Netscape and the upstart Microsoft IE until the former imploded and the latter became evil(ler).

I’d heard Jim Clark (founder of Netscape) speak once at the SGI 20th anniversary while I was interning there. I don’t recall much of what he said, except:

Question: “You’ve founded many companies in the last 20 years (SGI, Netscape, WebMD etc.). What is it that drives you to constantly create and explore new technology?”

Answer: “The money.” (end of response)

Ah, honesty.