Dawn breaks, like a bull through the hall

(“New Slang,” The Shins)

The Red Sox have won the World Series, and I’m sure if you cared you could find all kinds of exhilarating commentary on Google News. What a win!

I got my news from ESPN.com’s front page, which started its blurb with “Yes, it happened in your lifetime,” wholly appropriate because it’s been their first win since 1918.

However, it did remind me of the friend who introduced me to baseball — I went over to his place often in the summer of 2002 because he lived virtually next door and had a really nice apartment, whereas my draw group and I lived in a complete sty with almost no furniture. Also, I went over to play truly ridiculous amounts of poker (sometimes till 4am, so I only got to work in time for lunch the next day), during which his TV was always showing baseball. A couple of months later, the group of them dragged me to my first baseball game (A’s vs. the White Sox?), then everything upped and moved so quickly and I graduated and now the Red Sox have finally won the world series, but it was never in my friend’s lifetime because he left us a little under a year ago.

Take care, Choate, wherever you’ve moved on to.

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