Second Chance

Today’s TODAY (umm) has an article about the Public Service Commission giving scholars a “second chance.”

Scholars and that second chance [TODAYonline]

Actually, why would PSC want to give up on any of its scholarship awardees? (Side note: “scholars” is just too loaded a term, but so much easier to type) It’d be admitting they made an error in judgment when they selected this person for the scholarship, and what would they have gained from the process? 10% returns on maybe three years of tuition?

Better to just let the buggers graduate and maybe earn their eternal gratitude, no? Look at those glowing comments “Wendy” and “Charmaine” give, and perhaps contrast it with my upcoming whining-about-being-stuck-in-the-civil-service-for-slightly-over-5-years. Uh oh.

3 thoughts on “Second Chance

  1. ahh i don know…over the years, i’ve come to realise it’s very easy to become skeptical of failure when one manages to cope well, either by luck or sheer ingenuity.

  2. the psc is crap. damn the govt. that’s taxpayers monies they are squandering on these so-called elite – go overseas and become haywire. if there is any second chance, it should be that the public give the psc a second chance – to make amends for the mistake committed in the selection of scholars. pull these hopeless ones out of foreign land and put them in our local univ. (if they do that, then these faltered scholars can still have a chance at getting honours – otherwise, with their f*** up gpa, how to get summa-cum-laude/laude/or even latin honours???). and why are they protecting the identities of these people? deposed president scholar jacques can come clean with it – why those juniors so scared of backlash? anyway they are a bloody disgrace to the scholar elite. with so few singaporeans in foreign univ. on psc scholarships, citizens can easily find out who got held back for extra one/two years at the foreign univ. – back in civil service, fellow contemporaries (in the same/senior batches) can easily find out if the scholar had screwed up his/her studies. by the way, the foreign univ. profs also will never want to recommend such people for masters or phds. these faltered scholars claim “eternal gratitude” to the psc, my foot ah!!!

  3. Actually, I’ve no idea who the scholar who got held back at Cornell is, which probably shows that I didn’t pay much attention to my juniors… And I don’t think profs in foreign unis are so unforgiving of those who have fallen and picked themselves up again, esp for PhDs, where academic prowess != research acumen.

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