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Inspired to draw

July 31, 2009  |  Tags: , ,   |  

I’ve realised it takes quite a bit of discipline to draw stupidchicken on a regular basis. Yes, I usually just end up taking existing drawings, making small modifications, adding some senseless text and pretending it’s funny. It’s still tiring. Be quiet.

This last half-year of doing the webcomic has been quite rewarding, though. I’ve set up a Facebook page for it (factoid: biggest fanbase – teenage girls from the UK. Go figure), and a nice commenter went “love these comics, really make my day, keep it up!”. A nice comment! On the Internet! Probably a sarcastic troll. Anyway, thanks, nice commenter or sarcastic troll. I’ll keep it up as long as I can.

I also found drearyweary recently. The creator is a Singaporean comic artist who does some really, really amazing work, and he posts entire long (and coherent) comicbooks online (Creative Commons licensed, even). I need to buy some of his stuff, if I can find it. I’m really enjoying The Resident Tourist – it’s a (presumably) autobiographical story about the life of a returning Singaporean who feels displaced in his home country. Speaks to me more than a little, I guess. And the crisp art is just awfully impressive.



Evil Tofu is a character from the webcomic, who showed up here and here. Drawn for Toru, my evil friend who’s in Nairobi or Narnia or something.


July 30, 2009  |  Tags:   |  

I’ve set me up a tumblr page, for all the linkblogging and photoblogging which seems to be all I do nowadays on this blog. I’ll reserve this one for the long, insightful articles. (Snicker)

It’s at, unsurprisingly,

Links, Week 26, 2009

July 2, 2009  |  Tags:   |  

Is it actually week 26? Half the year is done? Hooray!

I’d provide attribution, but I’ve thoroughly forgotten where I got all these links from. I barely remember who wrote about what when I click through my Twitter feed links.