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Lost links

May 23, 2010  |  Tags: ,   |  

Just a few more hours until the Lost season finale (which I’m seriously considering taking a half-day off to watch). What a show! Some links:

  • Video: I’ll Never Be Lost Again. Ridiculous as it sounds, it’s a heartfelt hip-hop love song for a TV show. I love it (even though bearded Jack’s contribution to the chorus becomes quite silly after the first two times).
  • Video: The Cast Says Goodbye. A great retrospective from the cast.
  • The excellent online recaps / analyses really added to the enjoyment of watching the show, although for some reason I never bookmarked the sites and just searched for them by memory after each episode. So here I am, listing them out just in time for one last read-through after the finale: EW’s Totally Lost (only annoying thing: being unable to Instapaper Doc Jensen’s 12-page reviews as a single page), Maureen Ryan, Alan Sepinwall, Cultural Leanings and the Onion’s AV Club.
  • Almost forgot another video: Lost re-enacted by cats. Lost is awesome, cats are awesome. Together they are unstoppable.
  • My favourite Lost moment – the scene at the end of The Constant between Desmond and Penny. Heartbreaking and beautiful. Watch here, but only if you’ve seen the episode.
  • Check out the amazing piece of 8-bit Lost pixel art below by designer Neven Mrgan. His site also has a downloadable Photoshop file with the remaining characters, as well as iPhone and iPad wallpapers.

8-bit lost

Don’t Panic

May 20, 2010  |  Tags: ,   |  

I’ve had an iPad for about three weeks now (thanks to two Kevins for bringing back the iPad and case).

photo 1.PNG

I’ve noticed that, despite the 69 million reviews already out there, anyone who gets hold of one feels the need to write about his initial thoughts on the device. Ick! Such self-absorbed twats!

Anyway, my initial thoughts on the device:

  • It’s been great for reading a variety of things on. I’ve been plowing through articles on Instapaper, PDFs on GoodReader, and books on iBooks.
  • Other apps – NewsRack for RSS, Twitterrific for Twitter, SimpleNote for note-taking, ArtStudio for finger-painting, NYT and BBC for news, PenUltimate for quick sketches. So far so good. All these apps are very distracting when I want to settle down and read, though. (Multitasking in OS 4 will probably destroy my attention span for good.)
  • GoodReader could do with an icon that doesn’t remind me of the eye of Sauron.
  • Hasn’t replaced my laptop yet. However, doesn’t burn my lap when watching videos in bed. (To convert, erm, non-iTunes TV and movie content, I bought iFlicks, which converts videos into iTunes-compatible formats, downloads cover art and fills in episode info.)
  • One complaint, I guess – the iPad’s screen could do with greater pixel density. I keep noticing jaggies while reading text.

Summary: love it. As Stephen Fry wrote in his giddy TIME review, the iPad is truly the closest thing to the Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy humankind has devised. Douglas Adams would have been proud.

(Wallpaper from talented Apple designer Louie Mantia.)

  Jónsi →  May 4

Jónsi, lead singer of Sigur Rós, just released a new solo album which I can’t get enough of. Thoroughly melodic and immersive if you like guys who sing / screech (melodically!) in high-pitched voices. Listen and buy from his site.

I also just realised he did the theme song, “Sticks and Stones”, for the animated movie “How to Train Your Dragon”. Impressive choice by Dreamworks! Also, ha ha, very funny, getting an Icelandic singer for a movie about Vikings.