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I wouldn’t normally link to a Flash site (re: my burning hatred for Flash, manifested in a neglected tumblog), but this is a great effort by MOE in recognising outstanding teachers, and I was genuinely moved by a few of the accounts. Well, once I got past the barely legible text. The teacher recruitment video, produced from a story in there, is also nicely done:

Things like these make me somewhat (almost) (maybe) regret my decision to leave the service, knowing that I probably won’t be able to make a difference this way again.

Sunni Brown on doodling at A List Apart:

Doodling may be better described as ‘markings to help a person think.’ Most people believe that doodling requires the intellectual mind to shutdown, but this is one misrepresentation that needs correcting. There is no such thing as a mindless doodle. The act of doodling is the mind’s attempt to engage before succumbing to mindlessness.

She goes on to explain why one should engage in “strategic doodling” at work, and introduces a basic doodle vocabulary for people who think they can’t draw. Excellent stuff.

Evonne and Veronica, winners of Dropbox‘s Dropquest challenge, posted their chat logs from solving the challenge. Funny stuff, especially if you can understand their (presumably Singaporean / Malaysian?) lingo:

500 internal server error. wo men bei pian le!



Stick around for the hilarious ending, and don’t read this thread with responses by Dropbox staff until you do.

  Emoji Dick →  January 26

The stunning power and ridiculousness of the web:

Emoji Dick is a crowd sourced and crowd funded translation of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick into Japanese emoticons called emoji.

The site features some choice testimonials, calling the book “innovative” and “astoundingly useless”. I… I don’t know what to say.

Found via Wired, via a retweet by Waxy. Linking is so complicated.

Main Menu

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Looks like ICA really wants me to go the Main Menu.

ICA screenshot

Also, that dude in the top right corner? He’s not relaxing because he’s just completed his online iC application. He’s dead. Dead from the frustration of trying to use this horrible “e-Service”.

Magic Shortcuts for Reeder

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Reeder has quickly become my favourite Google Reader, er, reader on iPhone, iPad and now Mac OS.* The Mac OS version is still in beta, and I’ve discovered a couple of pleasantly surprising shortcuts with my Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse**:

  • Star an item: Three-finger swipe left on Magic Trackpad; two-finger swipe left on Magic Mouse
  • Send to Instapaper: Three-finger swipe right on Magic Trackpad; two-finger swipe right on Magic Mouse
  • Next/previous item: Three-finger swipe down/up on Magic Trackpad

These mirror the iPhone version’s item-swiping functionality. What an utterly delightful program.

* Speaking of shortcuts, NetNewsWire for Mac, which Reeder replaced in my Dock, has the worst keyboard shortcuts ever. Ctrl-P for send to Instapaper, and Cmd-Shift-‘ for Send to Delicious? WTF?

** Yes, I have both. No, I have no idea why.


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Got this from the Immigration Checkpoints Authority today.


Thank you for using iC Online.

We wish to inform you that your registration is pending due to the following reason(s) :


Please adjust and resubmit your photograph showing more of the shoulder (as in current iC) so as to enable us to process the application. Thank you

Please resubmit the relevant image file(s) using the following iC Online’s URL:

For any clarification, please contact us at 63916361/63916410. Thank You.

Yours sincerely, iC Online Administrator IC Section Citizen Services Centre Immigration & Checkpoints Authority

So my facial image is too big, and they want me to “show more shoulder” before my photo will be “acceptable”? Awesome. This was my reply.


Thank you for your email.

I wish to inform you that your email is annoying due to the following reason(s):


Please adjust and resubmit your point-form paras showing fewer capital letters (as in the rest of your text) so as to enable us to read it without imagining you shouting. Thank you

For any clarification, please search for “email etiquette” online. Thank You.

Yours sincerely, A Citizen

PAP people is very powerful one, even the Young one. They can call their lawyer sue you, call ISD come and catch you, and even cassette you as politics association.

Rockson Tan offends some YPAP leader who’d compared Lee Kuan Yew to Nelson Mandela; dude retaliates with a shitstorm of Twitter comments; Rockson writes his first blog post in half a year. HOORAY THE INTERNET IS, how you say, WINNERED.

(Link is NSFW for language, and potentially incomprehensible to non-Singaporeans.)

Smartphone naming

January 18, 2011  |  Tags: , ,   |  


Samsung announces Wave II with 3.7-inch display and bada OS 1.2, not to be confused with Samsung Wave 2

That said, at least Samsung at least has some kind of naming consistency: Wave for bada, Galaxy for Android and Omnia for Windows. Elsewhere in multi-OS land, phone naming is a bit of a mess — who can tell what kind of phones the BackFlip, FlipOut, Charm, Quench, Desire, Desire HD, HD2, Desire Z, Wildfire, FreeStyle, Inspire, ThunderBolt and Optimus are?

37signals on a blog making fun of poorly-designed apps in the Mac App Store:

This kind of drive-by critique is sadly common. Missing are constructive commentary and suggestions for how the designer can make their app better. All the poster can muster is a knee-jerk reaction to the superficial aesthetics and a couple of f-bombs. Done! It adds nothing to the conversation and dimishes the value of design. How can we expect our clients or users to respect the care we put into design if we don’t respect it ourselves? Instead of considering what went into the design, we point at laugh at someone’s “terrible design”, retweet and reblog then go on with our superior existence.

Tee hee, he spelled “diminishes” as “dimishes”. Loser. (Good-humoured irony sensors set to “on”, please.)