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Yes, this chart means nothing, but Camino is second highest?! That browser feels like it hasn’t been updated since 2004.

Collected from all over the Internet for your amusement.

A preference pane to let you hide useless apps from your Lion Launchpad. Excellent remedy for stupid apps Launchpad finds, such as:

  • Microsoft Office Setup Assistant and Clip Gallery
  • Adobe Flash Player, Flash Player and Flash Player Debugger
  • Adobe Uninstall Photoshop CS5, Uninstall Illustrator CS5 and Uninstall Flash CS5
  • naib, naib and naib (with, unsurprisingly, Adobe icons)

WTF, Adobe.


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Wockaface by yjsoon

A quick Photoshop drawing.

Useful for when The Avengers movie finally hits. Love the disclaimer:

This is only for the properties that Marvel Studios owns film rights to and intend on including in their shared universe. Unfortunately, this means no X-Men, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Blade, Punisher or Howard The Duck.

No Howard?! Sob.

“Make stuff, then stuff it in your mouth” may be the best copy I’ve seen all year.

My parents’ Mac mini is their media centre — it’s hooked up, via a ridiculously long ethernet cable, to a modded (classic) Xbox in the living room running a horrendously outdated early build of Xbox Media Centre (now XBMC).

With my usual cautious upgrade habits, I updated the Mac mini to Lion the day after release. (What? It was a whole day!) It installed fine, but broke media sharing between that and the Xbox, as Apple had dropped Samba networking from Lion (should’ve read this article earlier). For current XBMC users, this shouldn’t be a problem, as newer builds should be able to read NFS shares… but my super-old box is super-old and not conventionally upgradeable*. Thankfully, someone figured out how to fix it by reinstalling the samba3 package, and I’m just reposting the link here in case anyone needed to stumble across this solution.

(The media centre used to be a Linux desktop, until the fan broke and I got tired of fixing X11 problems every 3 weeks. A slight pity, though, that I can no longer tell people my parents use Linux.)

* I vaguely recall that these builds weren’t legal, and I had to FTP into some secret server after jumping through a few hoops to find a username and password. Fun times. Also, nobody cares about the legality of modding the original Xbox any more, right? …right? Umm.

I’m not certain why felt they had to make their own version of the The Dark Knight Returns trailer, but here we are:

Observations: This thing (a) makes no sense, (b) is brilliant.

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Fascinating quilt of default icons from various community services.

PopCap on Owan Weinert, a 9-year-old boy with leukaemia:

Mathew Lee Johnston, a senior producer at 4th and Battery, says that he “was like every other designer and developer I’ve worked with”. “The minute he walked in the door he handed us a fully realized game design, figured out to the last detail”.

Look at the sheer joy and surprise on that face. (Or, I suppose someone could have hit him in the head before they took that picture.)