this seems to be a popular blog entry type of thing

– Caged, Concave Scream
– Hey Ya, Outkast
– Fade Out/In, Paloalto
– Bad Day, REM

nothing awfully interesting to offer. maybe in a year or two.

i’ve been reading other people’s blogs (that giant stanford asian ring of bloggers which appalls and intrigues at the same time), and it’s reading about stanford life (and stanford events, in the daily and the stanford report) from such a distance is ever so slightly disorienting… still, i think i’ll try and keep up for as long as i can stand to. though i wish the damn singaporeans would shut the fuck up on the singaporean list, but i feel bad telling them to do that when i’m not even at school any more.

last dinner before i flew off, at applewood (no pizza quite like that in singapore, unfortunately):

last day at stanford
so… pink!

ah well, back to camp.