Second Chance

Today’s TODAY (umm) has an article about the Public Service Commission giving scholars a “second chance.”

Scholars and that second chance [TODAYonline]

Actually, why would PSC want to give up on any of its scholarship awardees? (Side note: “scholars” is just too loaded a term, but so much easier to type) It’d be admitting they made an error in judgment when they selected this person for the scholarship, and what would they have gained from the process? 10% returns on maybe three years of tuition?

Better to just let the buggers graduate and maybe earn their eternal gratitude, no? Look at those glowing comments “Wendy” and “Charmaine” give, and perhaps contrast it with my upcoming whining-about-being-stuck-in-the-civil-service-for-slightly-over-5-years. Uh oh.